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Microsoft Teams, the ultimate telecommuting tool

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a tool focused on improving teamwork, the company’s new commitment to remain relevant and one of the pioneers in software in the online world.

As we know, teleworking is increasingly common for both self-employed and self-employed groups, as well as for small, medium and large companies. Recently, in addition, we have experienced a global pandemic from which we do not yet know if we will emerge and which has led to this new form of remote work for virtually the entire world.

Many had to completely change their daily routine as well as their usual way of working: Stop going to the office, now with the virus and social distance, you have to work from home.

So, if you are one of these people and / or companies that have been affected by this (which are practically the majority), you will probably find this article very interesting, especially because telecommunications are new to most, and not everyone knows how to do it in the best possible way.

Many were caught unawares and did not know how to react. Above all, the concern of any self-respecting businessman is how to give your employees the means to work online so that they can continue to perform their duties without limitations. Well, the answer to all this has a name and that is Microsoft Teams.

What are teams and how to make the most of them?

Teams was born with the premise of promoting teamwork, a type of software that is becoming increasingly popular, but which has not yet had much competition in the market, especially from one of the largest companies in the world of computers such as Microsoft per se.

In addition, and how could it be otherwise, to increase its attractiveness for the gallery, tool includes connectivity features with other programs such as Outlook, Hotmail, or Microsoft Office services through Office 365, the cloud version of the company’s popular office suite, which has already triumphed with its 2013, Office 2016 and 2019 versions.

This makes it a much more interesting telecommuting and team management software for users, as it would be an all-in-one tool. With more services and benefits than the rest (for example, Slack) when creating a work environment.

The main features of the instrument

  • Communication and collaboration between users are the two pillars of teamsTherefore, one of the most obvious is the ability to create multiple workgroups, add and organize workers according to their functions or functions in the company.
  • You don’t have to worry about the maximum number of users since the limit is 500,000.
  • Includes a function of share the screen with other participants in the same group, or only with some in particular, which work with both the desktop and documents of any kind, as well as the interface of other programs and tools.
  • Similarly, chats and even video calls are also another of the most important services within Microsoft Teams. They can be done both in groups and privately and personally between users, and can be combined with the screen sharing feature. As additional data, you may be able to add and remove people from the video call to make sporadic collaborations, someone to take notes, and so on. This is perfect for express meetings, just to give an example.
  • The search option in all chats is also present, allowing you to find some important information in an old conversation or review any type of content published through the program.
  • More, You’ll also be able to share and search for files, as Microsoft Teams offers 2 GB of personal storage for each user and 10 GB in total for each group.
  • This storage increases enormously if you add it using Office 365, because its most basic plan includes up to 6 TB.
Download teams
  • It is not the only interesting feature that results from the combination of both tools: with Office 365 Teams implementationYou will have access to all office programs both for each user in a single way and for all at group level, so that they can use them simultaneously.

    You will be able to access Word, Excel, etc. Through the Microsoft Teams interface tabs, which streamlines any interaction and, above all, improves group work. You can examine a document with several colleagues or even complete a table of contents in an orderly manner between several and in real time … The possibilities are practically limitless. Similarly, cloud services will be available.

  • Over 300 supported tools, applications and services, which will deal with improving the possibilities, performance and functionality of one of the most complete team management tools on the market.
  • And last but not least: of course, Microsoft Teams is also available for mobile.

Download the teams for free for anyone

If all these features and characteristics have convinced you that Teams is really the tool you need to solve the transition to telecommuting, then we will explain you how to download Teams and use the tool for free.

In the same way, too We will teach you how to create the first step-by-step work team within the application. The rest is up to you!

  1. First, you need to access the tool through your company’s website.
  2. Once there, you can choose the free or «paid» version that goes through the Office 365 subscription.
  3. Then, your Microsoft account email will be the one that is also used as a basis for your work environment. If you already have any other Microsoft Teams-compatible tools or services in that account, it will also be embedded.
  4. After clicking Next, you will be able to select the environment and purpose for which the teams will be used.

Create your first team workgroup

  • We enter the final section of the instrument configuration. On the next screen you need to add the name of the company or educational center and click «Set up now».
  • Just in this step you will have to select some totally personalized and personal basic options to apply to your first workgroup, so we leave them to your choice. Of course, we advise you to choose to do it from the web application, to facilitate the process.
  • Immediately after a short wait due to the configuration and creation of the work environment, you will finally access your group already created by the teams and the link will appear on the screen that you can share with friends, workers, colleagues, etc. So that they can access.

This is done to prevent anyone from joining, as it is a private work team, so an invitation from the administrator is required (in this case, you).

Tool interface: where are the most important options

You still have a long way to go, setting up all sorts of sections and inviting people to the group. So, to make your process easier, we’ll show you where some of the most important configuration and customization options are:

  1. If you click on the three dots above the username in the group, you’ll be able to customize your profile.
  2. If you do it on behalf of the work team, you can do the same with the group, although the options here are much more advanced.
  3. On the left is where the applications, tools, and add-ons that Microsoft Teams adds to your workgroup are positioned. As I mentioned before, not only can you modify the native ones, but you can also add those of third parties that you can incorporate (more than 200 to choose from).

Other enhancements added to recent updates

Office 365 teams
  • The «Lists» function is added, which allows users to create automated processes using templates and logical rules: either through the lists themselves, colors, alerts, etc. Thus generating concrete lists of collaboration.
  • Ability to combine group chats both between Skype for business and teams, and with other workgroups of other companies that also use the tool.
  • Another new addition when it comes to implementing Skype with Microsoft Teams: Skype Rooms users can join and normally participate in team meetings.
  • Through the command box, personal users will also be able to add tools to their personal spaces within teams.
  • It also adds the ability to schedule appointments and notify them via Outlook.

Microsoft teams with integrated Teamviewer

Another great benefit for all those who use the tool and it deserves a separate mention. And that’s it Integrated Teamviewer improves not only the control and remote access functions within teams, but also online productivity provided by the group and the telecommuting manager.

And it is that Teamviewer is already a very useful tool, so its implementation in the work environment further improves both tools, offering completely new solutions and functionalities.

For example, the augmented reality connection between colleagues by remote control, this being probably the most important of all, although not the only one: the ability to manage all the device groups that this remote is shared with is one of them.