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Microsoft PowerPoint: what it is, what it is and what it works for

Microsoft powerpoint

Known what Microsoft PowerPoint is and what it is for This application is included in all versions of Office. In addition, we show you the main features and functions of this tool used by students, teachers and professionals around the world to create slide shows.

But first, be sure to download this Office software to your computer or mobile phone if you don’t already have it.

What is PowerPoint and what is it for?

Known as PP or PPT, Microsoft PowerPoint is a program in the Office suite that allows you to create dynamic slide shows.

These slides can include not only text and images, but also audio, video, graphics and even 3D images. Although this will depend on the version you are installing.

Currently, the demand for Microsoft PowerPoint is increasing day by day due to its ease of use and because it can be used for various purposes. Not only that, an impressive feature set supports this payment tool from Microsoft.

Power Point MS Office

You can use PowerPoint to:

  • Teach lessons
  • Advertise a topic
  • Give a conference
  • Display a business plan, marketing, etc.
  • Submit a photo album
  • Display a digital portfolio
  • and other.

If you want to present your views with a presentation, PowerPoint is the best option.

Microsoft PowerPoint features and functions

Template library for new presentations

For new presentations, the Microsoft template library contains many free and premium templates that you can use as a starting point. Premium options are only available to those who have a Microsoft 365 subscription, but free templates are available to all users. If you use PowerPoint online, you can collaborate with your partners, friends, or colleagues in real time. Here you just need to share a link to your presentation with the person you want to access. According to the permission granted, the recipient will be able to edit or view only the presentation.

Presentation tool

PowerPoint will track your pace, language, and many other values ​​as you practice your presentation, providing comprehensive on-screen feedback and guidance with an extremely powerful presentation training tool.

3D animations and objects

Don’t limit yourself to text, images or videos. In PowerPoint, you can also use 3D objects and animations. You can upload and embed your own files and add 3D content directly from the application library.

Friendly interface

If you’ve used Microsoft Desktop before, you’ll be familiar with the basics of the user interface. To navigate between slides, just click on them. You can add new slides or sections by right-clicking to add new ones. There is a list of tabs at the top of the window that allows you to switch between different edit and layout menus. To edit your presentation, just click the one you want to customize, and follow the instructions. You will drag and drop different items and place them exactly where you want them.

Design tools, animations, translation and more

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program, and the online version is also available to everyone. Its help library is extensive and comes with advanced features. It is very easy for everyone to use, and a responsive user interface has many design tools. Bring your presentation to life in just a few clicks with the help of smart technology. Create a beautiful look for slides presented with 3D models and icons, animations and cinematic motion. Translate the slides into the required language and, for clearer points, use a built-in accessibility checker.