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Microsoft Office Sway, a new content sharing experience

Microsoft Office Sway, una nueva experiencia para compartir contenido 4

Your mind is a beautiful landscape full of various good thoughts and ideas. Give them an expression from your browser or mobile with Microsoft Office Sway , a new application added to the ever-expanding Office portfolio. If you’ve just returned from a trip, driving a few thousand miles, capturing some stunning images along the way, don’t forget to visit Facebook or an Excel-related website to document it. Try Sway! May include text, photos, and videos.

Microsoft Office Sway, a new content sharing experience 1

Balancing Microsoft Office

Sway’s built-in layout engine eliminates the hassle of formatting content, integrating everything into a cohesive look as you create and add content. The preview application aims to accept different layout options. For example, one aspect of your photos is a stack, where you can simply tap or click to view the next photo in the stack. And, if you feel adventurous or want to add a different flavor, give the design a remix with the Remix! Check out a design and style suggested by Sway. Don’t worry, your content is still safe.

Microsoft Office Sway, a new content sharing experience 2

Want to add more content? No problem! As you add more content, Sway continues to analyze and sort it based on the algorithms and design styles it incorporates.

Microsoft Office Sway, a new content sharing experience 3

It’s fairly easy to collect content from a variety of sources within Sway. Sway shows you what’s stored in the cloud – just tap or click, drag and drop directly onto the canvas, mention the Sway team. Embedded content sources include OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and your devices. Content embedding from sources other than those listed above is expected soon.

Don’t worry about the exact heights and widths of the pixels. Just tap or click the image of your Sway and tap or click the star icons to finish. Once you have done this, your influence is ready and ready to be shared with the audience immediately. A feature that you may like from application developers: Sway adapts to suit the device on which it is viewed (large or small). Others, a Sway is native to the cloud – you can leave your content in cloud storage on your devices or social networks.

Microsoft Office Sway, a new content sharing experience 4

So get ready to give your ideas the best treatment with Sway. Because ideas that come to you deliberately or unintentionally have no edges, margins, pages, cells, or slides. Request an invitation to join Sway and suggest changes you like, if any. Read more about this here and on the TWC forums.

You may want to take a look at this tutorial from Microsoft Office Sway Online.

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