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Microsoft is buying an artificial intelligence startup that could improve Cortana

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In an increasingly heated dispute between personal assistants, Microsoft wants to make Cortana more efficient. For this reason, the company announced the purchase of Semantic Machines, a startup specializing in artificial intelligence of conversation.

The idea is to allow Cortana to have more natural dialogues with users. Conformable The Verge , agreement can help the assistant understand the functions in order. In this way, it could give or request additional information and can generate context from an order.

«Most robots and smart assistants today respond to simple commands and queries, such as forecasting, playing a song, or sharing a reminder, but they can’t understand the meaning or have conversations,» Microsoft said in the agreement announcement.

The semantic team has long-standing experts in artificial intelligence. Some of them worked on the development Google Now Siri too. They should also help improve the robots on the Azure Bot Service platform.

«We try to provide powerful, natural and productive experiences that take conversational computing to a new level,» Microsoft added.

The company did not disclose how much it paid for Semantic, but said it plans to set up a new artificial intelligence center near its headquarters in Berkeley, California.

By focusing on conversational artificial intelligence, Microsoft is signaling its desire to take a step further with Cortana.

Like Siri and Bixby , the assistant lost ground to his Google correspondents, who recently introduced Duplex and Amazon , which is distinguished by the number of orders available for third party services.

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