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Mezzanine, installation keys


Being able to build a mezzanine in a room is a great way to generate extra space, reduce the height of the ceilings and set the house so that it adapts to the lifestyle of those who live in it.

It allows the space to look much more modern and original, gives it functionality and makes the place articulate in a better way.

But, of course, it is not so simple to install, because things may not work as you imagine if the key aspects are not taken into account.

Mezzanine, which must be considered before installation


It is important to consider the brightness of a space when creating its setting. When a mezzanine is installed in a room, the appearance of the lighting in it changes, therefore, the opening of new windows or the possibility of installing new lamps should be considered.


Mezzanine can reduce air circulation, which is why it is recommended to open a new window or install an additional air system, both for extraction and equipment, as in some cases it can be essential.


The mezzanine has the ability to radically change the look of a space, which is why it must be borne in mind that it can be built to order with different materials, whether they are metal beams, wood or wet work. Another point is to consider the size and movement of the ladder, as this can complicate the design and even make the reform counterproductive.


Before installing a mezzanine, it is essential to define the use to be given, as this determines its location.

It is not always possible to place a mezzanine, because sometimes the dimensions are not favorable, the height must be greater than 5 meters, and the covered area can be complete or partial, so that the mezzanine is seen as a terrace.


How to choose the right mezzanine

You need to take into account the structure of the house, it is best to have the advice of a specialist who is trained to calculate the size of the room and, therefore, the ideal size of the structure.

The aesthetic finishes of the mezzanine should match the style of the house and also take into account that the coverings do not add too much extra weight to the structure. There is the option to install removable structures, due to its ease of placement and cleaning and that they do not require major work.

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