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Mario Kart How To Know If I Was Banned In The Mario Kart Tour – Causes As we know, Nintendo is a company dedicated …

Mario Kart How To Know If I Was Banned In The Mario Kart Tour - Causes As we know, Nintendo is a company dedicated ...

As we know, Nintendo is a company dedicated to the creation of video games and consoles, this being it one of the most pioneering in this field, one of the most popular and successful video game characters in the world is Mario Bros, this being the Nintendo mascot.

This character had quite a few video games, one of the most famous is Mario Kart, the saga was so successful that Nintendo decided to venture into the world of mobile phones, thus creating Mario Kart Tour, a game exclusively for iOS and Android which has thousands of downloads worldwide, it can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and App Store.

What are the most common reasons for banning Mario Kart Tour players?

Mario Kart Tour being a game that requires must be connected to the internet Like most other games, it has much greater security when it comes to preventing the theft of your data or using people who use hacks and making illegal profits, as most of them are made through implemented microtransactions. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons for a ban:

  • Racing cheating: We refer to the use of hacks to be immune, to have infinite elements, infinite speed, among others.
  • Download an APK from a website: Because it is a Nintendo online game, it is recommended that you download the installer from authorized Nintendo stores to avoid bans.

  • Make any changes or sell accounts: Because Mario Kart Tour is a free game with microtransactions, it is not recommended to sell or change your account, because if they find out that they can block or ban you permanently.
  • Download and play on your PC using an emulator: Because it is a game designed for mobile phones, by using an Android emulator on a computer we risk losing the account.
  • Gain experience and rubies through hacks: There are ways to earn free and legal rubies, such as viewing ads or completing tasks, but if they are obtained through hacks, Nintendo will not hesitate to permanently block your account.

How can I identify myself if I am banned from participating in the Mario Kart Tour?

A very easy way to know if your account has been banned is by opening the game and trying to connect, a poster may appear at the beginning stating that Mario Kart Tour servers are too saturated, so you should try again later.

If you are able to log in and enter the game and receive a message that says, «An error has occurred. Help code: 806-9021» means that Nintendo has restricted access to your account. This error code occurs when an account was temporarily or permanently banned.

How can I find out why I was banned from the Mario Kart Tour?

In fact, when an account is banned, the reason it was banned is not displayed.

mario kart ban code code

Nintendo can contact you by email. Here you can list the reasons why the permanent or temporary ban was applied to your account.

In most cases, this happens with the use of hacks and traps that illegally help to obtain the various benefits that are normally obtained through payment. It should be noted that in almost all cases, the ban is temporary, take as an example that something very similar happens with the Steam platform, because users are usually temporarily banned.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you wait a few hours or days to remove the above restrictions. If you want to avoid this, it is highly recommended to always play on a virus-free device, updated and compatible with either Android or iPhone, as shaking and slowness may occur during playback, so it is advisable to have our device well optimized to play more smoothly, in addition to not using any tricks or hacks.

What should I do if I have been denied a Mario Kart Tour?

As mentioned above, in these cases it is advisable to wait a few hours or days for the restrictions in your account to be removed. Users are also encouraged to play on an updated and compatible mobile device, as not all phones are compatible with this game. If you still have restricted access to your account after several days, it is highly recommended that you contact Nintendo Technical Support.

You can send an email explaining your problem in detail, if you did not cheat or break the rules, it is very possible that Nintendo will return your account. This is only done if you do not want to lose all your progress.

mario kart ban Nintendo

If for any reason you are unable to recover your account, you will need to create a new one, for which you will lose all points, cups, and progress you made in your previous account.