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MailTag for Gmail provides email tracking, scheduling, and automatic tracking

MailTag para Gmail ofrece seguimiento del correo electrónico, programación y seguimiento automático 5

Emails often go unanswered and leave the sender in total confusion as to whether or not the person has read. Most likely they read it, but the recipient did not answer. So the basic question is how to track them. Although there are many expensive tracking solutions, today we are talking about MailTag, which works perfectly even with its basic version.

MailTag offers unlimited email tracking, scheduling and automatic tracking. Works with Gmail , Y GSuite , and offers an extension Chromium which integrates well with Gmail directly from the browser. It connects its features anywhere in Gmail, making it easy to use. It also offers a dedicated dashboard for analyzing opening rates, links to emails, etc.

One thing MailTag can tell you after using it for four days is that it works. It just works and is probably one of the easiest to use email tracking solutions at no cost, the best part is the real-time notifications you receive, which I haven’t seen with other services. .

Mailing tag for Gmail features

There are two important things you can do here. The first is email, and the second is scheduling follow-up emails.

Tracking emails

Every time you write an email, a small image is attached to it. Then, when your email is open, the image loads and you know that your email has been read. That’s how you know exactly when recipients open your emails, plus you also receive real-time desktop alerts, open links in the email.

This is what the dashboard looks like. You have access to statistics, the mailbox with a list of all emails sent using MailTag, Pings, settings and so on. You can filter for read or unread emails, giving you a clear picture of all emails.

MailTag for Gmail provides email tracking, scheduling and automatic tracking 2

Email scheduling

If you want to send an email in the future, but want to set it up immediately, you can use this tool. You can select a date, time and even time zone depending on the recipient. The extension adds the following controls to the composition box:

MailTag for Gmail provides email tracking, scheduling and automatic tracking 3

MailTag for Gmail provides email tracking, scheduling and automatic tracking 4When you set up MailTag for the first time, it will ask you for all the necessary permissions to send, receive, and read emails. This is necessary for automation.

Automate your email tracking process

This makes email tracking a step forward. If you have to follow up with others if they don’t respond with predefined text, you can do the same. It’s called Pings. The free version allows you to send three pings for each email. I would suggest using it wisely if you don’t like email marketing.

MailTag for Gmail provides email tracking, scheduling and automatic tracking 5

You’ll get more details, such as the device that was used to read the email, how many times it was read, the status of the tracking emails, and the timeline of all emails. This makes it a perfect tool to know a lot about the person reading your email. MailTag also supports multiple accounts.

MailTag also offers payment services that can be useful for advanced users. Let’s see first what it has to offer in the free version.

  • Unlimited real-time email tracking.

  • Real-time notifications when opening emails.

  • Real-time notifications when clicking on links in your emails

  • Find out how many times your emails have been reopened.

  • Schedule emails (send your emails later).

  • Email Pings (automate your email tracking).

  • Simple and easy-to-use control panel (see all your read and unread emails).

  • Live chat and email support 24/7.

  • Detachable MailTag watermark.

In the paid version, you can remove or hide the «Sent with Label» signature to make sure no one is blocking it. Ping has no limit, removes MailTag ads, and you can see more than 30 days of data. If that sounds interesting, you can download the Chrome MailTag extension from the Chrome Store.

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