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Mac MAC: How to see the processor and the specifications of my processor If you were wondering how I can see the information …

Mac MAC: How to see the processor and the specifications of my processor If you were wondering how I can see the information ...

If you’ve been wondering how I can see information about my Mac processor? Well, here we will tell you everything you need so that you can get this information from your computer. For this you will not need third party programs or specialized knowledge in this field.

Mac is an operating system Exclusive to Apple, which is why most of their equipment comes with well-defined hardware and difficult to change. However, there are certain components that we can improve, but for this it is necessary to know the version we have today.

What is the main difference between the hardware and software of my MAC equipment?

The hardware on our Mac computer, is made up entirely of physical means. This means that all that component is part of the computer and makes it possible to use it. This includes parts such as memories, the mechanical or solid hard drive, the processor, the case, the screen, the microphone and even its camera.

Some Mac models even have built-in horns and other accessories, making it one of the most complete and useful office equipment. On the other hand, the software is made up of every code and digital environment of the computer, all of which are stored in memory and on the hard disk and is what provides the instructions of each physical part.

May be the most essential part of the software It is the operating system that is responsible for containing all the tasks.

Mac system information

In addition, it serves as a bridge between the instructions sent by the processor to each of the components. In conclusion, the difference between these two concepts is that one is only physical and the other is virtual and digital, so it cannot be felt.

What elements can I see in the overview and what are they for?

The section that allows us System components It contains all kinds of information about it. We can also find the specifications of the computer hardware, this is very useful if we want to view the system memory, hard disk or processor, among others.


As for the hardware the first thing we will find in the information will be the processor. If we look, right under the team name we will see the word processor and right on the right we can see the exact model and the speed at which it works.

This information usually varies and depends on the Mac model we have. However, most modern ones have an i7 and i9 processor to provide much greater stability than previous models and in terms of speed, it is usually lower than it would be on a desktop computer, but contains the same cores and is not usually less than 2.3 GHz.

Memory and space available

Next on the list will be RAM, first of all we will be shown its capacity.

Mac information

They usually go from 8 GB to 32 GB, then we will be shown their speed. In the most modern equipment, these speeds exceed 2300 MHz in DDR4, these being one of the most modern nowadays.

Boot disk

Also, continuing with the list, we will see right under the system memory hard disk information. In this part we will be shown only the name of the disk and if it is a common or solid disk and we will not be able to see its capacity at least in this menu.


In the graphics section we will see the name and the ability of our integrated video card. Both the capacity and the type vary from model to model, but it is known that for large ranges a card with at least 3 GB of storage is usually integrated. However, we will not be able to see the generation or its technology.

Serial number

Finally, in the menu, we will see the serial number of the equipment, which works as a unique identifier. This means that with this serial number, Apple can identify our device, so it’s important that we don’t share it or show it to everyone.

It may be the case you want ask for a guarantee and this serial number can be requested by the company. It is important to clarify that this number does not tell us anything about the hardware included in the equipment.

Mac information specifications

How can I access complete Mac information?

There are three main ways to access advanced Mac system information, this is done by using system tools.

From the Apple menu

When you open the Apple menu we will see more options, but in our case we are only interested in the one that shows us information about the system. If you click here, the window from which we obtained the previous data will open. If you want to open the advanced information, you will need to click on the blue button that says «report». With this, we will be shown all the information of our equipment in detail, indicating the serial numbers, the year of manufacture and the exact model of each part of the hardware and software.

With the Spotlight tool

Another way is through Spotlight, this tool is shaped like a magnifying glass and can be seen from the beginning of the operating system. Its main use is to search for documents and files very quickly and without having to do it folder by folder. To find the menu we will have to open the tool and in the search bar we will write information about the system.

When we do this, the previous window will open and we will also have to click on the report to show us everything in detail.

Advanced information about the Mac processor system

With Siri’s help

In the end, we can use SiriSiri is nothing more than an artificial intelligence that serves as a personal assistant and that we can use, among other things, to locate menus on our Mac computer. Through voice commands we will have to tell him what we want to look for. This way, it will quickly show us the menu and, if we didn’t hit it, we can try again.

Tips that can help you optimize and speed up your MAC performance.

There are many tips on the internet on how to speed up the performance of our MAC computer. However, here we will explain the top three and how to apply them to your computer so that it works optimally.

Keep your apps up to date

One way to keep your equipment optimal conditions, is to keep it up to date. For this reason, we must always be aware if a new version is released for our applications.

To update them, we will simply have to go to the application store, where we normally install them. Then we will have to go to the updates section, this menu is almost the same as the one displayed in Apple mobile phones, so it will be something familiar.

Being on the menu we can update all applications all at once or by marking which we want to update.

Keep an eye on your storage space

Another thing you should always be aware of is the storage space.

Mac CPU processor specifications

That’s because storage units have a limit permanent how much space it supports. In parallel, they have a maximum range or percentage that must not be reached for the unit to function properly.

For all solid and mechanical units, you must not exceed 80% of the capacity of the unit. In this way we will keep the system fast and without failures, the total value of this percentage varies and to know the maximum value that our disk can reach, we will have to multiply only the disk capacity by 80%.

It is important to note that if we want to have better read and write speeds on our hard drive, we need to install an SSD. This mainly applies to older equipment that is still they have HDDs.

Update the RAM

Finally, another way to keep our equipment fast and comfortable, make an expansion in RAM. This is done by purchasing new RAM modules equal to the previous ones, but with more space.

From the information menu, we can see how fast our memories work and what generation they are. With this information we can buy those that have the same technology, but have a higher capacity.