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Mac How do I uninstall programs from my Mac? Don’t leave a trace on your computer. Maybe when you see the processor and the specifications …

Mac How do I uninstall programs from my Mac?  Don't leave a trace on your computer. Maybe when you see the processor and the specifications ...

When you see the processor and computer specifications, you may find that some applications are too many. If you have MacOS applications on your computer, uninstalling them may not be as complex as ensuring that there are no traces of them. You will have to ask for something more than the common function. Here we will indicate in detail the different processes for do not leave traces of the uninstalled program on your computer.

Why are there some apps that Mac can’t allow you to remove?

Far from anything you can do there are applications that you will not be able to delete and these are native applications, meaning they are installed on the Mac. This can happen because they are essential for them to work normally in the application or we could also indicate that some are designed to improve the user experience. Such as photos, contacts, calendar or computers.

There may be applications that can do this, but certainly if you do the integrity of the main application it will be in danger or the insurance will not work the same way than before deletion. The suggestion is simple: «There are applications that will be indelible, because they are the ones that deal with the integrity of the operation of the software»

What is Launchpad and how to use it to uninstall any application?

launchpad and mac applications

Launchpad is an application similar to Finder, ie it is used to delete applications, what we can tell you is that using Launchpad on Mac has a very convenient way to delete applications that have been downloaded from the AppStore, the procedure is as follows:

  • Open Launchpad in the Applications folder or through the Dock.
  • If you can’t see the Launchpad app, put the name in the search field, you’ll find it at the top of the screen, or drag your fingers from left to right on the trackpad to see if you can locate it.
  • Press Option (⌥) or also click an application and hold it until the application moves.
  • You’ll find an X button next to the application you want to delete, select it to delete it, and then confirm it. If you do not see the X it means that this application has not been downloaded from the AppStore, in this case the ideal is to use Finder.
  • If the request is paid, the request is not generally canceled, however you should get information about the total cancellation of the subscription.

How can protected applications be removed?

For example, if you want to uninstall Spotify on your Mac, try the traditional way we’ll explain later, but if that’s not possible. Ideally, find an app that can do this. For this, we can recommend some that could do it, as long as this software is not essential for the proper functioning of the application. If this traditional method doesn’t work for you, there is appcleaner, appdelete or uninstaller.

The traditional way of deleting applications

The best known way to delete a macOS application or program is as follows:

  • Find the Applications folder or also find access in the left bar of the Finder.
  • Select the item, software, or application you want to delete.
  • And just drag the selected item to the trash.
  • Confirm what was done, ie the deletion.
  • When you’re done, insert the trash and wipe away any traces (if possible).

However, this method it is not infallible and can leave traces that you will not be able to eliminate in this way

Does Mac remove all traces of applications that you remove from your computer?

person using a Macbook

There are many differences between MacOS and Windows, to remove traces of applications in MAC, this does not really remove them, the procedure is to remove the application and software from your Mac computer, select only the one you want to disable or delete and the way is dragging me to the trash.

However, in the trash will be disabled later, but will leave traces of files that will not be useful. In the Mac App Store there are various applications developed by third parties that are able to guarantee complete removal and which leave no traces of deleted files.

Free and downloadable software to remove applications from your Mac

The recommended thing to be able to delete files and not leave traces is the use of specialized applications in files, among them we have:


It is one of the best free applications for deleting applications without leaving unnecessary traces or file sequels. With this you have the opportunity to be able to free up valuable space on your computer and with this it improves the performance of your computer, the good thing about this application is that it has free updates.

Delete the application

The AppDelete application is very practical and easy to use, because just by dragging it removes the application and all the libraries related to the application are completely deleted without leaving any traces.