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Lovoo free credits

creditos lovoo hack

Some time ago, I made known the way to use the Badoo social network for free or free of charge I also explained a few things About Getting Precious Tinder Gold Free. Well, this time we want to present the following article: Lovoo free or unlimited credits (hack) First, we will briefly clarify a few things about lovoo hack credits and after that, we will announce everything he has to do get free credits on Lovoo without having to die trying and so I can use those credits without having to pay, to follow all the points.

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Lovoo hack credits [ACLARACIÓN]

First of all, it is worth noting and, as a precautionary measure, do not be left out of promotions or hacks from other services, pages or videos in which you are promised free credits in Lovoo by installing the strange application that you like so groups on Facebook or doing anything and even crazy things to get these precious credits.

It is very likely that all these alleged hacks are a scam that will not only waste time, maybe gain a trojan or a nice virus or be fooled by something bigger … a service like bait to attract and deceive people, do not use them.

Lovoo free or unlimited credits

Now, and clarifying the previous point, the only feasible option to get free Lovoo loans is the official one indicated in Lovoo Help Center but not and not for so little importance, there is also the option to earn credits in Lovoo and which we will announce on both below.

Free Lovoo Loans

To get free credits, you can download various apps from the Supersonc Ads provider that are offered directly in Lovoo (nothing outside) and you can choose between two offers.

By the way, you can download that app only once to earn credits, and if you download the app again, you won’t receive more credits for it.

They need to open the applications they download at least once to receive the valuable credits and only by doing so will they be awarded the credits.

Earn credits on Lovoo

Indeed, along with the above, I can earn credits in Lovoo and for this, there are these methods that I can accomplish.

Email confirmation: they will earn credits in Lovoo, when they confirm their e-mail address they will receive only one credit credit.

Check it out: When they check their account for the first time, they will receive a credit check.

Log in to your Facebook account: If you connect your Lovoo account to your personal Facebook account, you will be credited 25 credits.

Invitation to Lovoo on Facebook: in the application there is an option to invite Facebook friends to Lovoo and thus make a profile. For every friend who creates an account in Lovoo, he will receive 100 credits and will be effective only if he does so by their invitation (not directly from the App Store, because you can not establish a relationship with you).

This way, you can get free loans in Lovoo and, although they are not unlimited or infinite, they are enough to enjoy using Lovoo with a large number of loans.