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London Underground 4G will arrive in 2019 after successful attempts

London Underground 4G will arrive in 2019 after successful attempts

On the move, I spend 64 minutes every day in the happiest place on Earth: a crowded subway car on the north line. Assuming there are no delays (a bold assumption, let me tell you), that is, 278 hours, or about 11 and a half days, each year. In those 11 and a half days, currently, I don’t have an internet connection and I can’t even claim to be a productive member of society.

This safe space, far from the world of work, is about to open wide. After a successful attempt, TfL announced that 4G is coming to the London Underground with the launch in 2019. Currently, WiFi is available in all stations, but this change means that you will not have to wait for stops to send emails. and most importantly, it will allow you to play Running Super Mario wherever you are .4g_london_underground_coming_by_2019_following_successful_tests _-_ 2

Obviously, this is not the case with TfL, focusing more on the productivity benefit in which the office expands in the most favorable working environments – the small space between the doors of the Tube trolley and the armpit of a businessman. «The success of this process shows that we are on track to unlock one of the most prominent spots in the UK and provide 4G mobile coverage in our tunnels and tube stations,» said Graeme Craig, Director of Business Development at TfL. «This is great news for our customers and will also help us generate vital business revenue to reinvest in modernizing and improving transport in London.»

The test took place on the Waterloo and City line, which is closed at the weekend to facilitate testing and involved EE, Vodafone, Three and O2. Because the line consists of only two stations, Waterloo and Bank, it is not the most urgent update point with 4G reception, but it has to start somewhere. Now, the race is starting to find a service provider to provide additional coverage for the other ten metro lines, which TfL will start in the new year.