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Log in to my Duolingo account

como acceder a duolingo

For one reason or another, many people need to clarify certain doubts about the form in order to be able to enter the Duolingo and not to die as well, they reported some problems or inconveniences to access this online language service with their account. For these reasons, we would like to present the following article: log in to my Duolingo account where it will be clarified and effective, how it should be access or sign in to your Duolingo account without any problems or difficulties and after that, one of the doubts that persists when you want to enter Duolingo will be resolved, which is: Why can’t I connect to Duolingo? and thus, no one will have difficulties in using Duolingo.

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Log in to my Duolingo account STEP 1: Enter Duolingo [web – App]

The first step is to enter Duolingo and for this, they have two options via the web, as well as the application option for mobile devices and each of these options, we will detail below (choose the one you want).

one. Sign in to Duolingo with Google: In this option, they will type in the Google search box the name that identifies this online language learning service, which is: «duolingo”, They will load the results (Enter or Search) and finally press or click on the correct result.

enter the duolingo

Two. Enter Duolingo with the URL: In this other option, they will type the Duolingo web address into the address bar of the browser they are using, which would be: and after that, they will load that web address (Enter or go) and you’re done.

enter the duolingo

3. Enter Duolingo with the app: in the latter option, those who use a mobile phone will be able to download the application (Android and ios) and after that, they will simply click on its icon to run it and connect.

Log in to my Duolingo account STEP # 2: Go to Duolingo Login

Once on the cover of the web version of Duolingo, they must go to the login data itself and, for this purpose, they will press or click on the button that says: I ALREADY LEAVE AN ACCOUNT

Log in to my Duolingo account STEP 3: Connect to Duolingo [Correo, Facebook y Google]

With the previous click, a central window will be displayed allowing you to log in to Duolingo and for this, there are three options which are the classic email and password, as well as the connected account options of Facebook and Google, respectively, each of these are explained below.

access duolingo

Log in to Duolingo by email [OPCIÓN #1]

This first option will serve all those Duolingo users who have registered with a registration form that associates an email and creates a password for their account and to achieve it, you must enter the following.

connect to duolingo

Email or user: In this box, they will enter the email address they associated or the username they created for their account.

Password– In this other box, you’ll need to enter your Duolingo account password.

After filling in these fields with what they ask for, they will click on the blue button that says: ENTER and voila, they will appear in your Duolingo account.

Sign in to Duolingo with Facebook [OPCIÓN #2]

The second option allows all users who have logged in to their Facebook account to use this online language service to connect to Duolingo and run it, press it or click the button that says: FACEBOOK which appears somewhat below the button that says: ENTEROKAY

After that, a window will open allowing you to log in to Facebook and you need to enter the following data here.

enter duolingo with facebook

Phone number or email: In this box, you’ll enter the email address of your Facebook account or, if you wish, the mobile phone number you associated with your Facebook account.

Facebook word: In this other box, you will enter the password for your Facebook account correctly.

After completing the above, they will press or click the button that says: LOGIN and if things went well, this Facebook window will disappear and your Duolingo account login page will load.

Sign in to Duolingo with Facebook [OPCIÓN #3]

One last option allows all users who have associated their Google Account to use this online language service to connect to and perform Duolingo, they must press or click the button that says: GOOGLE

Once you’ve done that, a Google window will open allowing you to sign in, and you’ll be prompted to enter your Gmail or phone number associated with their Google Account, and then click the button next to it. say:Next«And with that, this window will be updated and ask them to enter the password for their Gmail account, and finally they’ll click the button that says,»Next”.

sign up for the duolingo

Perfect, this Gmail window will disappear and with that, your Duolingo account page will load.

I can’t log in to my Duolingo account SOLUTION

Now, on the other hand, we need to clarify the subject of access issues that some Duolingo users may have for each of the registration options (email, Facebook or Google) and which we will explain below.

Because I can’t connect to Duolingo [Opción correo, paso #1]

If, for one reason or another, they are unable to access their Duolingo account by entering their email address and password, they must recover your account and for this, you need to click on the gray question that says: Did you FORGET him? Which appears in the box where the password is entered.

change the duolingo password

Once the above are done, a new page will be loaded asking them to enter their registration email in Duolingo and, once entered, they will click the button: «send”.

change the duolingo password

If the email they posted is correct, a Duolingo page will load where they are told to check their email.

change the duolingo password

Why can’t I connect to Duolingo? [Opción correo, paso #2]

Then they will go to their email and open the Duolingo message and here they will have to click on the displayed link.

how to recover a duolingo account

They will be taken to a Duolingo page, where they will be allowed to change the Duolingo password and for this they will do the following.

New password: Here, you will enter a new password for your Duolingo account that you will not forget (enter it).

Confirm the new password: here, they have to put the same password they wrote in the previous box.

Finally, click the button that says, «SEND«And after that, they will be informed that their password has been changed and to continue, they will click on:»Click here to continue to Duolingo”.

Bravo, they will appear in your Duolingo login account.

Why can’t I connect to Duolingo? [Opción Facebook]

If they are unable to enter their Duolingo account connected to Facebook, it is recommended that they first demonstrate that they can log in to Facebook and log in with their account login, and if they can, they should be aware that the same data is being entered at the time. connecting to Duolingo with Facebook.

enter on Facebook

Note noBy the way, if you’ve changed your Facebook email address or password, you’ll need to enter new data from your Facebook account when you sign in to Duolingo with your Facebook and not the old one.

If, for some reason, they were unable to access their Facebook account, the account must be recovered and, for this purpose, they will access the Facebook homepage and click on the question: Forgot your account? And they will follow the instructions

reset facebook account

Once the Facebook account is recovered, they will go to Duolingo and connect with the new data from their Facebook account and thus access their Duolingo account again.

Why can’t I connect to Duolingo? [Opción Google]

Finally, if they can’t sign in to Duolingo with their Google account connected, it’s suggested that you test that they can access their Gmail without any problems, in which case they’ll simply go to Duolingo and sign in with their account information. their Gmail.

Note no. 2– In any event, if you have changed your Google Account password, you will need to enter that new password when you sign in to Duolingo with your Google Account details and not the one you had before.

If they have not been able to access their Gmail account in any way, there is no option but to recover their account and to do so, they will go to Gmail and press or click: Forgot your email address? OR Forgot your password? And they will follow the instructions.

restore google account

Once they have recovered their Gmail account, they will be able to access Duolingo and connect with the updated or new data from their Google account and thus log back into Duolingo.