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When using an online service, such as InfoJobs, there is always some confusion in logging in and logging in to your specific account, and for this reason, we would like to feature the following article in RecursosPrá, called: Log in to InfoJobs where they intend to explain – step by step – how to enter InfoJobs without dying in the attempt, as well as how to register and access the InfoJobs account without problems or inconveniences and thus can use this employment platform where you can always find job offers that are worth checking out.

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Enter InfoJobs – Go to web or app version · [PASO #1]

For those who decide to enter Infojobs in its web version on a PC or mobile phone, they will be able to do so using the Google search engine with the term: «Infojobs«Upload the results (Enter or Search) and click on the correct option or and, if you want, you can upload the infoJobs web address which is:»«In the address bar of the browser I use, load it (Enter or Go) and that’s it, it’s so easy.

create an account at infojobs

InfoJobs mobile application: On the other hand, those who use a mobile device can skip the whole procedure in a web version by downloading the respective Infojobs application on their mobile device (Google PlayApp Store) and once they have it, they can simply enter Infojobs by clicking the InfoJobs application icon that appears on the mobile phone.

Create an account in InfoJobs · [PASO #2]

To log in to InfoJobs, you will logically need to have an account for this, and if you do not already have one, please to follow the registration procedure in InfoJobs here and after that, they will have their account ready and will be able to review the next step below, which explains how to connect to Infojobs.

On the other hand, if you already have an InfoJobs account, you can go straight to the explanation to log in to the InfoJobs below.

Connect to the web version InfoJobs – Application · [PASO #3]

Once they have an account in InfoJobs, they will be able to log in correctly and for this purpose, they will access the InfoJobs main page (as explained in step # 1) and after that, they will press or click on: «CANDIDATE ACCESS«It appears at the top right of a computer, and if they have a company account, they will do so by pressing or clicking:»COMPANY ACCESS”.

connect to infojobs

After that, a new InfoJobs page will be loaded and on this page, you will be able to see a form to start a session on the left which consists of the following:

enter infojobs

  • E-mail: In this box, they will enter the email they registered with in InfoJobs.
  • Password: In this other box, you will enter the password for the InfoJobs account correctly.

Once the previous data has been entered, they will click on the button that says: LOGIN And ready, open to connect to InfoJobs and you will be able to use this employment platform

Note no: If for some reason you can’t remember your password or have access issues, you can recover your account with this guide.

Now, if you’re using a cell phone, you should click «the three horizontal lines«In the upper left and with it, a side box will appear and in it they will click on the button that says:»CANDIDATE ACCESS«Or»COMPANY ACCESS«If there are companies in the new section, they will enter their e-mail with which they registered in InfoJobs and the password to finally click on the button that says: LOGIN

enter infojobs