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In the recent past, Choice was considered an art and the chosen good, a little less than an artist. Their instruments were raw crafts; however, how effective we can get today.

The world has changed in a very short time; also locksmith, as an industry and as a profession. Hundreds, if not thousands, of innovative elements have been incorporated into the world of home and business protection.

Hasps, locks and padlocks were influenced by the advance of Science and Technology. To a large extent, informatics has contributed to the progress made in this field.

Daily you can choose a lock in several waysBoth manually and using electrical and electronic instruments that respond to the changes undergone by the various safety devices.

The art of choosing

Not everyone can do it. To choose manually, you need of the extended knowledge this implies the amount of locks and locks we may find ourselves with; Besides the experience who give years in trade.

  1. Choose a cylindrical or europrofile lock.

There are options for each type of lock or padlock. To manually choose a lock with a European profile, screw with screw, must:

  • You have a choice and a tensioner; both are sheet metal with patterns that often adapt to the shape of the keyhole and the distribution of the screw, counter screw, and spring system within the lock.

  • Select the appropriate option to the type and brand of the device we want to choose. If the lock is made of Europrofil, we have previously studied its characteristics: the number of screws and the location of the guards in the keyhole.

Instruments such as the otoscope allow us to study each lock internally or padlock. More, The Internet is a rich source of information, where we can find details about the device we are working with.

  • With one hand,we take the handle pick, between the index and middle fingers; the paddle or neck rests on the middle finger, which in turn rests on the lock. We use the opposite hand to manipulate the tensioner.

  • Insert the tensioner into the keyhole, on the opposite side of the location of the screws or pins; with the index finger We press its free end a little, forcing it slightly away from the door frame.

  • With the tip of the choice, facing the screw side, explore each to identify the one that locks the cylinder at that moment and prevents it from rotating.

  • That’s what we do holding the tip of the middle finger resting on the lock; While, we flex our fingers in back and forth movements holding the pick handle: forefinger and thumb.

  • European profile locks they generally have between 5 and 6 pins. It is always just one of them that slows down the movement of the rotor. Our task is to «place» each pin above the cylinder cutting line.

  • To push and «set» the screw over the shear line, It is advisable to look for a fulcrum in the keyhole to tilt the selector. The guard generally serves as the necessary fulcrum.

  • Whenever we «set» a screw, the rotor will make a small turn; right now, if we’re careful, we will hear a clickand simultaneous we will feel a slight vibration in our fingers holding the legs.

  • Each «set» screw, if we are careful, will remain in color with the cutting line rotor. When everyone is in that location, when I «put» them all, the cylinder will rotate freely and the lock will open.

  1. Choose a gorja or Borja lock.

Gorjas or Borjas locks they can also be pickled; However, harvesting tools and procedure they tend to be different from those implemented in a Europrofile locking system.

This type of lock has come to be considered one of the safest, due to the resistance shown by its sturdy metal box and being built into the door, leaving only a slot for inserting the key visible.

Things have changed when always inventive friends of others have managed to create gadgets and various ways to choose these locks, which made them totally vulnerable to gangster action.

Based on an infinite numerical combination of a series of up to six metal plates, individually perforated with different shapes, break one of these locks it was necessary to load countless locks.

In bit locks, the set of metal plates they are operated by keys that have a very particular characteristic: each is a long tube at the end of which we can find a single or double toothed bit.

The key was the weak point of double bit locks. Instead of loading an indefinite batch of lock options, the device has given way to tools that combine a number of movable brushes that take the shape of a key.

The locksmith industry gave answers to the professional locksmith when creating tools such as «The Magic Key» or Securemme automatic opener, which works similarly.

Choose a lock of the throat with a magic keyit’s almost like a child’s play; this it turns out to be a disadvantage for owners of houses or apartments that have installed this type of security devices.

However, there is an aspect which turns out to be quite positive: for application of this tool Necessarydifferent locking options, one for each lock model and its price is not very affordable.

Tool Magic keyhas a number of interchangeable tipswho acts reproducing the contour of the bit teeth and simulating the shape of the key of a specific lock pattern.

Simply insert the correct tip in the keyhole, turn in the same direction as the key and press a little with movements to one side and the other.

After a few seconds, The magic key the original key design will be copied and the lock can be opened. When it is double bit, it is recommended to use two tools; one for each key bit.