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ganzua casera

lock selection is a basic tool of the world of locksmiths, in this post we tell you all about this tool.

What is a choice?

A choose to open the doors, known as lock In the English-speaking world, it’s a mechanical forcing tool, similar to a key, used to open locks. When you need to change the lock of an exterior door, it sometimes locks and, in this situation, a professional locksmith can use a pick.

home choice

Often, some people tend to associate locks criminal practices, but this is, to a large extent, a mistake, because blockages are simple tools. Cannot be used for FAC locks.

Although used by criminals to invade private property, locksmiths are used daily by locksmiths. open locks and locks.

The practice of opening doors and locks with the foot is known as pickled.

Many people think of lock options as wire with bent tip hook-shaped. They are known as home lock options. These locking options are makeshift tools that can be used in emergencies. It is a use similar to the one we explained in our article on how to open a door with a paper clip.

But they are not the only ones that exist.

Actually, professional lock selections sold on specialized sites by locksmiths does not look like any selection of house.

Let’s see the characteristics of a lock or professional choice:

Locking features

Lockpicks, such as keys, are mainly made up of three elements or parts:

  1. Handle, which is the area where the picker or locksmith holds the pick.
  2. Chair or bar, which is the elongated part of the pick that enters the frog.
  3. The tip or pin that is the end of the bar and is the one that acts as the key teeth.
lock to open the doorsChoose to open the doors

There are a few pick types, the type of varied varies depending on the shape of the tip, let’s see.

Types of choices

If you think that blockages are just a piece of bent wire improvised, then you should see different types of choices used by professionals.

Single point selections

As I explained a few lines ago:

The type of collection will be determined by the shape of its tip. Lock drops simple advice are the most common.

Skyrim pick

These are flat nosesand, although they may have some hook, they are more than a hook a slight curvature.

It can be said that single point lock options are closest to home lock options.

But we must remember that these are professional tools made according to standards.

Within the group of single point or pin lock options, the most used are:

  • Gonzo hook drops.
  • Rocker hook drops.
  • And the hook jewelry.

These are the simplest and preferred by the expert lock selections, who prefer them small, with smooth tips.

Rake picks

rake pickksUnlike those with a simple tip, they have a few elements on the pin.

These elements are some rake hooks, which serve to manipulate the locking mechanism.

make lock

The locksmiths themselves say that although it takes a lot of technique to choose a rake lock, the success of the operation is also a matter of luck.

The most common rake choices are:

S-type locking parts

As the name suggests, these locking options have an S-shaped pin and are quite common.

Some call it snakes.

The w-tip lock rises

Also called a triple point or z point, although the pine looks more like the letter M.

professional choice

They are quite useful because the end in W has very pronounced angles that allow you to do more precise movements.

Ganzúa Bogotá

A favorite among elite voters, this is a kind of improved w pick.

It has the particularity of allowing handling in narrow locks.

Experts prefer it because it also allows them to work with another assistance option.

Its name, experts say, is due to the fact that it recalls the shape of the mountains in the Andean chain, when seen from Bogota, Colombia.

Spherical or round drops

For the inexperienced, single-point and rake choices might look the same.

On the other hand, round elections can be easily distinguished from other types of elections.

lock selectionLock

These tools have a somewhat special advice due to the presence of spheres.

They are widely used to open wafer drum locks.

How does a choice work?

The principle behind the efficiency of choice is, in theory, very simple. It is about force the locking mechanism until the locking pins fail. Although, it is easy to say, it is not so easy to use one choose to open a door blocked.

On the one hand, it requires a lot of dexterity, the right tools, as well as luck and patience.

Along with the pick, another tool is used to apply the tension of the locking mechanism.

electric pick

This additional tool is called voltage bar.

The tension bar is inserted directly into the keyhole, applying constant pressure.

The choice will be in charge of handing over the pin or the pins of the locking mechanism.

When they fail, the locksmith or selector rotates the tension bar in the same direction in which the key would have rotated and the door should open.

Professional lock selections and the law

Lockpicks are tools that are sold in specialty stores, just like another common tool, but in some countries there are certain laws that restrict the possession of these tools.

However, it is not so easy to open a lock using these «keys».

meaning pick pick

For this reason, it is very difficult for a criminal or an untrained person to be a potential danger to private property just by having a set of these tools,

In addition to blocking options, it would take a lot of practice, patience, time and luck, elements that, in a robbery scenario, you almost never have.

There are people who practice with sporting choices.

Collectors are true masters in the art of collecting drop locks.