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Linux How to install Ubuntu 21.04 server in VMware quickly and easily Basically you should know that VMware is one of the best …

Linux How to install Ubuntu 21.04 server in VMware quickly and easily Basically you should know that VMware is one of the best ...

Basically, you need to know that VMware is one of the best choices you need to make. virtualize an operating system. Because it has many security, capacity and performance features. You can get it for free, always keeping in mind the version you want to use.

Now, being one of the platforms where you can try a new operating system or you can see what an application will look like. This tool is ideal for you can try Ubuntu Server 21.04 which is already available for users to enjoy.

In this article we will teach you how to install Ubuntu 21.04 server on VMware fast and easy. You just have to follow all the steps that we will indicate with great care and precision.

Recommendations before starting to install Ubuntu 21.04 on VMware

In Ubuntu we get a lot of free software, for example Moodle is available for Ubuntu 21.04. Now, if you are thinking of installing Ubuntu 21.04 in VMware, we will give you some recommendations that you should keep in mind before performing the installation.

  • If you want to install Ubuntu 21.04 just to check how it works, you can try to install it on a USB stick. So you can turn on your computer, without having to change the disk and operating system which you have installed, for this you will need a memory with 2 GB USB, the image of Ubuntu installation.
  • Another aspect to consider is that Ubuntu left behind 32-bit support. So, the only alternative if you have a computer with this feature is to install Ubuntu 18.04. Since when with this version the application will not work for you.

One thing to note is that you can install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 21.04, among other applications, because it is a designed system supports a large number of programs from other operating systems.

How do I create and configure a new virtual machine in VMware?

virtual machine created in vmware

So you can create a new virtual machine using VMware You need to follow all the steps below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is open VMware to create your virtual machine using any of these options.
    1. From the menu using «File – New virtual machine»
    2. Using the Ctrl + N keys
    3. Using the New button
  2. After completing this step, a window will appear for you. You will need to leave the default options and click «Next». Now in the next window you need to select the box that writes «I will install the operating system later».
  3. Select the «Next» option and then click the Linux System and Ubuntu version.
  4. After that, a new window will appear where you have to assign the name you will give to the virtual machine. As well as the route you are going to host and click on the «Next» option.
  5. Must define the size and path of the disk, and press the «next» button. This is done so that you can see the summary of the virtual machine you are about to create.
  6. Finally, just click «Finish» and you will see the Ubuntu Server 21.04 virtual machine finally created. Remember that once created, you must select «Edit virtual machine settings» and in the CD / DVD (SATA) section you need to check the box with the image. This is the ISO image you downloaded earlier. Click the Save Changes option and start the virtual machine and select the Ubuntu server. With this action, the operating system will scan your entire hard drive to verify its integrity.

How to install Ubuntu Server in a VMware virtual machine

Installing VMware on Ubuntu is not complicated. Now, to install Ubuntu Server on a VMware virtual machine, you need to perform the following steps:

Language choice

After scanning the hard disk, the system language must be set. To do this, you need to go to the keyboard and enter Enter in the language you want to choose and once you do you will be able to appreciate the chosen language.

Network configuration

Next, you need to select the network to automatically set up DHCP and click ready. You can now select the proxy server if you manage it.

System mirror

Now a window will appear with a few options, you will need to choose the system mirror. So that you can later enter the computer’s hard drive.

Hard disk configuration

Once you have entered the hard disk section, you need to select the disk either completely or partitioned as the case may be. Once you select it, you will be able to see the entire structure finally created.

Team name and user

When you are done, you must assign the computer name along with the user data for the Ubuntu Server 21.04 administrator. And in the next window you can enable OpenSSH server, you have to click on the ready option.

Feature selection

A number of features will appear for installation, you need to select the ones you want and click on the option. Done it the installation process will begin from Ubuntu Server 21.04.

This way you can restart a virtual machine in VMware

woman using computer

Once the feature selection process is complete, a message will appear, you need to select the restart option. Later, you will see an error related to the virtual drive. And to fix it you just need to enter «VM-Power-Restart Guest», once you’re done, Ubuntu Server 21.04 will start normally. You need to log in with the user you created earlier and check the version you installed with the «lsb_release -a» command. And voila, this will be the whole process, so you can install the Ubuntu 21.04 server.