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Linux How to install Moodle on Ubuntu 21.04? – Quick and easy guide Moodle is a platform that was designed to help …

Linux How to install Moodle on Ubuntu 21.04?  - Quick and easy guide Moodle is a platform that was designed to help ...

Moodle is a platform that was designed to provide educators and students with a system where they can create communities for learning dynamically, this platform is oriented to all modular objects, both sides can be integrated in a secure online way.

In Ubuntu 21.04 you can install browsers such as Google Chrome and platforms such as Moodle, to perform the installation of Moodle you must meet some requirements that will be displayed below.

What requirements do I have for a good Moodle installation?

To install Moodle on Ubuntu 21.04, you must meet the following requirements:

Updated system from Ubuntu 21.04

For Moodle to work better, you need to upgrade to version 21.04. There are two types of updates; version update and quality and security update that changes every 6 months. This last update makes the processing of this system improved, because they come with fixes and security enhancements without having to change the version.

upgrade your ubuntu version

To get this quality and security update, you need to follow these steps:

  1. The first thing is to open the search engine on the desktop of Ubuntu and in it write Software and Updates. Then a window will open in which you can configure warehouses and manage some controls.
  2. In this window you will see different options, but you need to access the Updates tab, in this new tab you will find everything related to updates.
  3. Now you have to enable LivePatch to install or update any application without having to restart your computer, to do so go to the LivePatch tab and enable this feature.

ubuntu interface

Ubuntu receives regular updates, these updates can be new versions of packages that you already have computers installed or with security or quality enhancements. To update the quality and package enhancements of Ubuntu 21.04, you can do the following:

From the terminal

Through the terminal, in Ubuntu you can update the new versions and packages of these programs. To update these packages, the first thing to do is run a terminal window, press Ctrol + Alt + T, and place the following command: sudo update ap. To start downloading packages, you must run the following command: sudo will upgrade. The next command will display the new packages available for version 21.04 and will download and install them.

From the update hub

If you do not want to upgrade through the terminal, you can do so through the software of this distribution, to achieve this you must first go to the Ubuntu search engine and in the «Software Update» section You need to click on the «Software Update» icon.

The previous action will look for new versions, as well as new packages to upgrade to version 21.04.

In the window that has opened you can see all the updates and all the available patches.

Click install now to install all new versions of the package so that the Moodle platform works better.

ubuntu application and package store

internet access

When you install Moodle on your computer, it must have internet access.

Disk space: 200 MB

You must have 200 MB of local disk space on your computer before Moodle can be installed.

What are the benefits of having Moodle in Ubuntu?

Among the benefits that Moodle has are:

Allows presentations of any kind

Using Moodle you can carry out activities with presentations as a learning management system. These presentations help teachers to develop activities in creative ways that attract students’ attention.

Presentations that are allowed on this platform include PowerPoint with audio.

Allows you to take online exams

In Moodle, students are allowed to access content, text pages, and take online tests.

Modular architecture

In Moodle design, modules have been applied that help build a better development in the learning environment for all students.

Similarly, in Moodle you can find different modules where there are areas of activities, chat, consultation, questionnaire and forums, these modules allow students to develop activities in a very versatile way.

Tips and tricks for better performance in Moodle

Create workspaces where everyone collaborates

In Moodle you can do chat activities and forums, where all students can get involved and participate. Here you can develop activities in which you promote the collaborative participation of students.

That way, you can provides computing resources in the form of forums, videos, essays, among others. All of these resources will be available to encourage the construction of information among the entire group.

Take the teaching notes

Often you have to look for didactic ways to teach and Moodle offers various modules, such as the questionnaire and the forum, where the activities can be carried out in a dynamic and didactic way.

Similarly, these activities can be tracked through corrections and notes. Obtaining better control over each of the activities carried out in class.

Likewise, each student has an area in which you will find a summary of all your activities and tasks. delivered. Similarly, the assessments and observations made on each of them are attached.