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Linux How to Install Microsoft Teams in Ubuntu – Complete Ubuntu Installation is one of the computer systems that does not …

Linux How to Install Microsoft Teams in Ubuntu - Complete Ubuntu Installation is one of the computer systems that does not ...

Ubuntu is one of the computer systems It was not so well known compared to Windows, however, among its advantages, it stands out that it does not require the purchase of any type of license to be able to use it, you just have to access its web portal to be able to use it. officially download. Like any other system, it has the possibility enjoy any application, as long as it is compatible.

The stability of Microsoft teams As a browser combined with the features of the application to work, they are a clear advantage, if what you are looking for is to have conversations, calls and share documents, no doubt a fairly efficient experience and given the low error limit of the Ubuntu system, also, both are completely free, don’t stop taking advantage of these tools to make your work easier.

What are the main features of Microsoft Teams?

This system works with many utilities, in addition to being a complement to the developed Microsoft 365 system, in which, if you did not know, you can connect or register without complications. You’ll also find the benefits of Microsoft Teams ITS CHARACTERISTICS have:

  • The possibility of create groups of limited quantities, for both chat and video conferencing, with a maximum capacity of 300 people simultaneously.
  • In your work teams you can share files and share a variety of informative content
  • Create shared accesses, where they can enter without any complexity
  • You can add some social networks or applications to share with those who enjoy this program
  • Has a task planning section and create note blogs, all to improve your workplace performance
  • Easily share documents where others can view them or simply upload them for you to enjoy
  • It is a secure workspace with encryption and authentication

These are to name the most remarkable features, if you decide to investigate the network, you will find many more, in relation to their capabilities, It is a tool that has been constantly improving, so it adapts to many of the needs of those who work in work teams, using the Internet and these dating applications for meetings.

What is the procedure for installing the Teams tool on Ubuntu?

The Ubuntu server does not place major restrictions on downloading and running programs, as if with Windows or any other, you can have programs like Google Chrome without any problems, so you can enjoy Microsoft Teams just follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you’re in the browser
  2. Find Microsoft teams
  3. Enter the one that takes you to the official Microsoft website
  4. The web portal will recognize your system and give you the compatible option to download it
  5. When the download is complete, you need to open a terminal, this is done by pressing: Ctrl + Alt + T
  6. Once the tab opens, you need to enter the following code: sudo apt -f install ./teams_1.3.00.16851_amd64.deb –y

install ubuntu download teams

The latter must allow installation due to the gap between being a computer program with a Microsoft system, but otherwise, when these steps are followed, it will be ready to run.

What other operating systems allow equipment to be installed?

This program it is one of the most flexible in terms of its use and the first of those created by the Windows industry to be compatible with other free software systems. In a way, this creation breaks the usual schemes also by creating the possibility to run on mobile versions, this with its available application. So the lack of a compatible system is no longer a concern, you can work with this tool if you want.

It is efficient on servers such as:


Being the host so to speak, has a great advantage, the installation of the program is a bit more cumbersome and direct compared to other systems, such as Ubuntu itself, which requires additional commands to allow use, plus one of the systems with more recognition is this, so finding applications running on this system is not really a big problem.

installation of equipment operating systems


Like Windows for PCs, Android is the common factor for mobile phones, a really significant leap in this industry, of course it takes into account certain features, including the fact that it requires slightly recent versions, at least since 2016. there a practical way to know what is the Android system of your mobile phone, check this so that you can enjoy its application, you can also share through meetings through it.


Apple’s system hasn’t lagged behind either. When you’re in apps in the App Store, you need to place the app’s name in the search engine, tap the download option, and you’re done. Or you can do this even through its official page, so you can easily enter with your username and password in this application; send files from your mobile phone and attend meetings or create your own, all according to your needs and ensuring your comfort.