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Life360 – Family locator

Life360 - Family locator

Life360 is an application specially designed for interconnect all family members or a specific group that uses GPS technology.

Nowadays it is very easy to be permanently connected to our friends or family through instant messaging or social networks. However, Life360 will go even further, allowing members of the same group to know each other’s location in real time, among other benefits.

If you want to know all the details about this successful application, don’t miss all the information below.

What is Life360 for?

Life360 acts as a particularly effective people locator because it is able to locate on a map the exact location of any of the members who use this application.

That’s why it became a resource very useful when traveling with family or friends since in a few steps you will know where each of them is.

But this is not the only feature of Life360. In addition, the app offers other benefits, such as the ability to track your mobile phone in case of loss or theft, and you can even talk privately with any of the members of your circle, among other features.

How does Life360 work?

family locator life360


Life360 works in circles. A circle is a group that you can set up at will by adding the members you want to join. They can be Permanent circles or temporary circles, for example, if you only want to use this app for a specific getaway.

You can delete it whenever you want or create other new circles classified according to its members: friends, family, roommates, university, colleagues or members of any other social group.


Another key aspect to knowing how Life360 works is Places. In this case, it’s about those areas that you can mark on a map so that You will receive an alert or notification on your phone each time one of the Circle members passes.

Features of the free version

The features you can use in the free version are as follows:

  • GPS location: this is one of the main functions by which any member can share your location on a map through GPS technology. With a simple glance you can see the position of all members, including their movement in real time, with a high level of accuracy and you can instantly locate the mobile. You can set up a series of alerts to receive notifications when some members reach or leave a specific point.
  • conversation: You can use an instant messaging service to communicate with members of your circle. You can also share pictures either in groups or individually.
  • Panic button: this function is especially useful when any member is in an emergency, because in addition to receiving a text message to each member it is possible establish communication with the emergency service of the area where the user is located
  • Accident detection: in this case, the application incorporates a series of sensors capable of detecting a car accidentstico. Even application agents can send an ambulance, contact the Emergency Service, and notify Circle members.
  • Record: you can access a list of the last locations stored in the last two days
  • Battery level: the application allows its members to know the battery level of each of the members of the circle to consider it as a possible cause due to the impossibility to show the location of any of them
  • Phone tracking function: If the mobile phone of any of the members has been stolen or lost, Life360 offers the possibility to track the location of the lost phone on a map on the application’s website, by simply entering the number

Premium features

If you decide to buy the Premium version, you will have these added benefits:

  • The number of places you can register in the free version is no longer limited and you can register as many as you need
  • Using the panic button is much more effective because with this plan, each member of a circle will receive an email, a notification on their mobile phone, a message with the exact location of the member using the emergency option, and a call.
  • You can check the last 30 days in the Location History

Step by step to set up Life360 on your phone

Setting up Life360 is easy, just follow the on-screen steps:

family locator

  • The data that the application will ask for is: your phone number, name, email address and password

Total security history 360

  • It will then give you the option to start creating a circle of members or join an already created one, for which you will need an invitation code.

which is the best family locator

  • A notification will appear asking for permission for the app to access motion detection. This is necessary to activate the driving functions
  • If you choose to create a circle from 0, you will need to give it a name. You will then receive a private code that you can share with those users you want to invite

what is the life360 circle

  • Select your role in the circle and add a photo

life360 application

  • You can then configure notifications and enable location permissions

life360 notifications

  • In the next step you can select the places that the circle frequents and you can add the location of your house on the map

the circle of places

  • Eventually, your location will appear on the map and that of the other members of the circle as they register.

Life360 family locator

You can now add members, access leadership features, customize notifications, add emergency contacts, or edit account information.

What requirements do you need to download Life360?

If you use Android, You must have Android version 6.0 or later and have sufficient storage capacity, as this application takes up about 30 Mb

If you are using iOS, you will need a vVersion higher than iOS 11.0 and enough storage space to install this application that can take up about 150 Mb

Is Life360 free?

If you use the app only sporadically and don’t have to use all the features, the free version will suffice. However if you need all the features you will have to resort to the paid version.

If you opt for the paid version, it costs 4.49 euros per month although you can try it for free for a week.

The advantages and disadvantages of Life360


  • The paid plan is quite affordable and allows you to use all the features without limit
  • The information they provide is very complete
  • It is very accurate in providing the location of the members
  • In emergencies, it can be very useful


  • Despite its importance, the panic button is somewhat hidden to be easily located in case of emergency.
  • Battery consumption may be high if the application is permanently open

Is Life360 worth downloading?

Life360 is a very useful application in multiple situations. For example, it’s not just helpful when communicating with a certain group of people you’ve organized an escape with.

For parents it is an effective tool that allows them to know, with real-time information, at any time where their children are and be aware in case of emergency.

On the other hand, it is very useful if it is used with the elderly or with people with a certain type of disability, because it connects with the Emergency Service, if necessary, and allows you to know its location with the peace that it involves her. In addition, the alert system is an added plus that avoids being aware of the application at all times.

In short, it is an application that can be used a lot in many different ways, as long as all users of the same circle agree to use its functions to make it an effective tool.