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Leawo Blu-ray Player: Play 4K videos in various formats and Blu-ray from any region


With Windows and Mac versions, Leawo Blu-ray Player is free software that makes it easy to play Blu-ray discs from any region and audio and video files in more than 180 formats.

If you have a large collection of DVDs or you are one of those who prefer to download or buy movies on Blu-ray discs (both home and commercial), then you need software capable of play your content in the highest quality and remove disc protection.

With this program you will have no problem playing Blu-ray movies with menus, DVD folders or ISO image files. It even has an option to convert discs to MKV format without loss.

Lossless 4K video player

There are several media players on the market, but few work as well as Leawo Blu-ray Player. With a fairly simple Spanish interface, the software takes a few seconds to open a DVD / Blu-ray disc and consumes hardly any CPU resources.

After installing the software, you will be able to choose the types of multimedia files you want to associate: 3gp, aac, ac3, flac, mp3, m4a, mp4, mkv, ogg, wav, mpg, avi, mka, evo, vob, ifo, mov, 3g2, GMO, wtv, divx, h264, webm, iso, among many others.

Video and audio formats

The home screen shows you the current time and date, as well as two main buttons: Open the file and Turn into. The first allows you to upload an audio or video file from your computer or a DVD or Blu-ray disc. While the second allows you to convert a BD / DVD to a video format.

You can also drag and drop a media file for playback. As indicated on their website, the program is capable Play lossless 4K (2160P) videos and high quality stereo audio thanks to Dolby, DTS, AAC technology. It doesn’t support 8K videos, as we saw in our tests.

Free 4K video player

An interesting option is that it not only allows you to upload video files in various formats, but can also open ISO files and folders. It also allows create a playlist. From the side you can add or remove the files to be played.

But that’s not all, the player has other features worth mentioning:

  • Customize the player with skins or a custom background
  • Subtitle support. You can even choose the size, style and color of the subtitles.
  • Overlay on other applications (always keep the player on top)
  • Change language (Spanish, English, etc.)
  • Possibility of activation Automatic DVD / BD playback
  • Adjust the aspect ratio of the screen
  • Hardware acceleration for faster decoding of media files
  • Energy manager. Stops playback when the laptop battery is discharged
  • Take snapshots in one click
Leawo functions

The only downside here is that it displays ads to buy the Premium version every time you pause a video.

Play Blu-ray discs locked in the region

Blu-ray discs have codes that determine where their content can be played. So we have code A (North America, South America, Japan, Korea), B (Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand and C (Asia, excluding Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other areas of Southeast Asia.

Fortunately, this is not a problem for Leawo Blu-ray Player. The software removes region restrictions, allowing the user to play Blu-ray from Region A to Europe without any inconvenience. This way, users in Spain, for example, will be able to enjoy Blu-ray movies limited to the United States, Japan or Latin America.

Similarly, you can bypass regional DVD lock (0 to 6), making it easier to play any type of movie, even if it hasn’t been released in your country.

And the best thing is that, unlike other programs, you do not need to configure anything to play discs in a specific region.

After connecting the Blu-ray / DVD to the computer, the program will recognize it immediately. Opening the disc in the player will allow you to access the main menu of the movie. From here you can play it from the beginning or you can select the scenes. You can also select subtitles and play additional features.

Other options are related to audio and video parameters. For a better viewing experience, you can configure video deinterlacing, video scaling, black border removal, and brightness and contrast adjustment. Audio settings also allow you to turn up the volume, set the delay and sound channel, and output audio. You can even add late subtitles.

Convert Blu-ray / DVD to MKV

Leawo Blu-ray Player is promoted as a free program for Windows and Mac. However, it also has a Premium (paid) version that adds the function of convert Blu-ray discs or DVDs to MKV format.

This is a good option to back up your favorite movies or videos from your computer. It can also be useful to play these videos on a mobile phone.

The premium version of Leawo Player eliminates disc protection, allowing you to decrypt, break and convert Blu-ray discs to lossless MKV videos.

As indicated on their website, the files are not decoded or encoded, so the end result is a video without quality loss.

Remember that the Leawo player supports more than 180 audio and video formats, with support for 4K, 1080P, 720P and other resolutions. It is available for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and also for macOS.

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