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Kodi How to install Fire TV Guru on my Smart TV and how to use it correctly The catalog that gives you the standard version of Fire TV, …

Kodi How to install Fire TV Guru on my Smart TV and how to use it correctly The catalog that gives you the standard version of Fire TV, ...

The catalog offered by the standard version of Fire TV, the streaming device created by Amazon, is quite abundant, but over time more users have managed to get a way to expand the content, through the Kodi system.

Fire TV Guru, it is the version that compiles the best Kodi plugins and preinstalled repositories, with a design similar to Kodi Jarvis, easy to use and with a powerful search tool that makes it easier to find other Kodi programs.

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As it is illegal to use certain add-ons due to copyright in certain countries, users have managed to access the system through a VPN, here in this post, we will show you how to download it and what considerations you should have when downloading a VPN .

What are the risks of using unprotected broadcasts on your TV?

Being an open system that can be accessed by the whole public and that does not contain any security filter, information about our movements on the web, become accessible to our internet provider. It may cause our ISP to use the information and / or sell it, endangering our privacy and security.

What are the benefits of using Fire TV Guru on our TV?

Fire TV Guru gives you a slightly more modest version of Kodi, with slightly more enjoyable benefits reminiscent of previous versions of the Kodi system, such as:

  • A simple and visually pleasing interface
  • The logical organization of your content and the ease of search
  • Various sections containing from TV programs, live broadcasts, music, etc.
  • Content viewing comfort

What requirements must we meet before downloading?

When using the Kodi system, always it is recommended that you have a VPN installedAs many of the components it contains, you are allowed to access copyrighted content, which would prevent the user from being located and receiving legal notices or penalties.

What is the best VPN I can use?

When we talk about VPNs, we always want to be safe and manage to encrypt our information To avoid inconvenience, therefore, we must take into account when downloading a VPN, the following:

  • That it maintains a fast speed so that you can comfortably observe the content that Kodi offers you
  • A powerful encryption provider with accessibility to privacy settings
  • You have no data or file restrictions
  • High server availability

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It should be noted that most users of this system recommend VPNs, IPVanish and ExpressVPN.

Safety measures

The user should always keep in mind that some of the content provided by the version of Fire TV Guru is not completely legal, as well as the vulnerability of your information, it is recommended you have an active VPN and do not share any information it is not necessary.

Procedure for installing Fire TV Stick Guru on your device

The procedure for downloading the Kodi compilation is a tedious process, as you have to download the unofficial repository and the supplement, but fortunately we are simplifying it in the following steps:

  • After we have already downloaded the Kodi program, we will continue to enter and go to the settings section
  • Swipe to the file management option, click add source.
  • In the text box, we will place in the text bar the link «», we will click on accept, then we will name the source, we will click on accept again.
  • We return to Main page Kodi and we go to the add-ons tab.
  • In it, click the plug-in browser icon, select to install from the zip file, click on the source we just named and click on the file in the repository.
  • As soon as we see the notification that the warehouse has already been installed correctly, we return to the supplements section
  • This time we will select to download it from the repository, drag and select the repository
  • We enter the warehouse, in add-ons select «Fire TV Wizard», press install
  • We return to the add-ons, click on the «Fire TV Wizard» program, then on «Build» and choose the right version for our device
  • You will see the options «Install from scratch» or «Install and maintain configurations», the first option is recommended to avoid future problems
  • After the installation is complete, we force Kodi to close so that the configuration is enabled.

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It should be noted that it is recommended that you have the latest Kodi program update to enjoy all the features

How do I check if I installed correctly?

If the user has followed exactly the installation steps mentioned above, the «Fire TV Guru» section will be visible on the home screen and we will be able to access it.

Clear transmissions

Having already entered the «Fire TV Guru», we will be able to observe the variety of content it offers us, as long as we have a good internet signal, we can have clear transmissions of the content.