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Key for opening electrical panels

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Safety is important, so it never hurts electric panels from our home, department, workshop or business have a door with lock.

This way, problems with people who want to damage your private property, damage your electrical installation, or steal the equipment from you plant.

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What is an electrical panel?

This is a component used to protect and shelter in an orderly manner the various circuits of a electrical installation.

It is known in different ways, it is also called:

  • General dashboard,

  • Electric cabinet,

  • plant.

Among the elements that are usually placed in electrical panels are: ICP, ID, PIA.

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They are used by regulations in every house or apartment, they can be built-in or surface.

Their size varies depending on the amount of the necessary circuits, normally small or medium sizes are usually used at home several circuits are used compared to a company or trade.

distribution panel plays an important role when an electrical accident occurs at home, such as a short circuit or an overload, as in this way the switches are triggered to prevent the conductors from catching fire.

What devices are inside an electrical panel

Inside the electrical panel contains the following components or devices:

ICP (power control switch)

ICP or Power control switch It is one of the main elements, because its use is mandatory, we can see it when opening the electrical panel.

This is intended cut off the power supply which supply the other circuits, if for any reason at home they exceed the contracted power or there is a short circuit.

pre-assembled electrical panels

The power control switch is present in any electrical panel, whether it is a new or old panel.

In cases where the electrical panel is of an old model, the ICP can be found outside it.

IGA (Automatic General Switch)

Unlike the first, IGA o Automatic general switch is responsible for interrupting the power supply when the power is greater than that which the installation’s distribution system is capable of supporting.

This prevents overloading of our circuits.

PCS (Surge Protector)

In this case Protective val or PCS, as its name suggests, is a very important protective device in an electrical panel.

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Because this allows us to protect the equipment connected to our distribution board.

We explain:

tension is a different thing from the power you employ, a good example of voltage is 220V or 240V from most electrical equipment.

But when there is an increase, say 250V 260V or 280V PCS is doing its job and protects your equipment that only accepts up to 240V, extending their useful life.

ID (differential switch)

Another of teams not to be missed in a switchboard or electrical switchboard is Differential switch or ID.

It has the function of detecting any current leakage that exists in our circuits or in a device connected to the circuit.

When this detects any leakage current disconnects the circuit.

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Normally, when a piece of equipment leaks or reaches the ground, it can cause electric shocks, so this equipment not only helps to take care of your electrical appliances, it can save your life.

PIAS (small switch)

Another component that is never missing in any distribution panel
are the famous PIAS or Small automatic switch.

This takes care protect an individual circuitthat is, either due to overload or short circuit, it is able to disconnect an independent circuit inside the house.

Usually one of them is used for
electrical outlets, another for lamps and others for certain equipment that requires regulation, such as air conditioning or refrigerators.

What are the best electrical panels?

They are different brands of electrical panels, each with distinctive features, but ultimately having the same function as any other plant, contain and protect various circuits, from thermomagnetic switches to meters.

However, a very important aspect when choosing an electrical panel is its own security system:

You need to ask yourself:

What kind of door does it have?

Or: What type of key should be used to open the switchboard?

This last aspect has been important ever since a good door and lock will be who protect our electrical equipment protection of any friend of others.

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That’s why you have to knowing how to choose a good security system
for our electrical panels.

Which electrical panel door to choose

A good door, in addition to giving an aesthetic note to electrical panels, is an element that allows our protective equipment to remain in good condition, avoiding direct contact with elements and elements such as dust or UV rays.

Therefore, choose a good one electrical panel door It is important, but something to consider is the type of lock. There are many different types of key models.

electrical panel keyElectrical panel key

Usually electrical panel locks They come with an unsafe system, which can be opened by simply turning the latch, although at first it is a good system if the electrical panel is inside the house. This is included in any professional locksmith manual.

However, when it is located outside or in a place that anyone can access, things get complicated.

Therefore, we should choose one preferably from
triangular keybecause they are safer than any other.

The triangle key is designed to triangular entry locks.

So only those who have the key can open the switchboard in which the protection devices such as meters, switches or power guards are located.

Why is the triangular wrench the best key to open electrical panels?

One of the main advantages of this type of keys is that they open the lock without problems and are also not very common.

Which brings us to the other point, because there are other types of keys, such as universal key and therefore a universal lock.

electrical panel housing

Universal locks, although not completely the same and differing from each other, have something against:

And that’s it can be opened with a universal key, which are very common and can be found in any hardware or electrical store.

So it is always better to invest a little more in the beginning and avoid feeling bad.

Now you know, the best key to open electrical panels is the triangular key.