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Juiceboxx – Protect your MacBook charger

Juiceboxx - Protect your MacBook charger

Juiceboxx is a polycarbonate protection specially designed for the power adapter of MacBook Air, MacBook 12 ″ and MacBook Pro 15 and 17 ″ laptops. a few weeks and months.Juiceboxx - Protects your MacBook 1 charger

Juiceboxx Kickstarter really successful!

The “Save Your MacBook Charcher” Juiceboxx project was born in Columbus, Ohio and had the participation of 860 employees between April 6, 2014 – May 1, 2014. It is the work of passionate entrepreneurs Scott Scherpenberg (Product Designer), Lucas Williamson (Product Designer) ), Andrew Lien (manufacturing engineer) and Samuel Silverman (graphic designer) for a modest support of $ 31,107. When you see the beauty and usefulness of this product, it seems obvious: “Why don’t we think about it before? In fact, there are protections for the aluminum case of the top screen of the MacBook, for the palm rest and for the keyboard. The only element that remained to be protected was, therefore, the electricity grid. The MacBook accessory assembly is basic. Slightly detach the case, insert the charger and hold it firmly in place.Juiceboxx - Protects your MacBook 2 charger

Juiceboxx is available in 6 colors!

If you like your MacBook, you can choose the Juiceboxx color that best suits your protective case. Indeed, the charging case with high thermal resistance and flammability is available in blue, black, white (Ice), red, magenta or turquoise blue. The designers didn’t just think about protecting Magsafe formwork. In fact, you can elegantly wrap the power cord and especially without damaging the wiring.

Juiceboxx - Protects your MacBook 3 charger

Juiceboxx: prices and availability

«Made in USA» Juiceboox loader protection is now available on the official Juiceboxx Inc. website. at USD 19.99 or just under EUR 20 for us in France (shipping costs not included).Juiceboxx - Protects your MacBook 4 charger

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