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It’s not too late to get an Extended Security Update license for Windows 7

It's not too late to get an Extended Security Update license for Windows 7

All companies, even a single business, are eligible to put extended security update patches on a «genuine» Win7 Pro or Ultimate device. It costs less than $ 70 and, thanks to a benevolent official CSP from Microsoft, is not incredibly difficult to install.

Worried about the future of your Win7 car? Welcome to the family.

At this point, we promise that Microsoft will fix the «Stretch» background error that it launched last month, and there is some hope that it will fix the Internet Explorer JScript CVE-2020-0674 engine security hole that is mentioned last month. in Security Consulting ADV200001. . We don’t know how / when the fixes will be distributed or whether Microsoft will weaken the «no free patches for Win7 patch after January 14» edict in another way.

Other than that, Win7 customers are alone: ​​you pay for a year of extended support, you lock your car and pray for Microsoft’s generosity, or you just throw away the old stopper.

In December, Gregg Keizer wrote about the alternative: buying an Extended Security Update license from a cloud service provider. Just a small problem: CSPs are not configured to sell one or two licenses. It is an intensive manual process that simply does not pay off.

A CSP I know has been up to par, offering licensing to small businesses, even single PC companies. Amy Babinchak, owner of Harbor Computer Services, says, “We want to make it as easy as possible for as many businesses as possible to still get Windows 7 patches. It’s a manual process, so we expect a few delays, but we ‘I will make every effort to ensure that all equipment with a valid Win7 Pro or Ultimate license connects to the extended security update system. «

Patch Lady Susan Bradley has been following the procedure closely and offers these tips:

You must have a valid license for Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate. Hacked keys are not allowed.

If you have an unused Win7 Pro key but are still running Win7 Home, you can still use Windows Anytime Upgrade to switch from Home to Pro. (Click Start, type Upgrade at any time. When you get to the screen that asks if you have a password, please enter it. Be patient … the update may take HOURS depending on your computer speed. Once the computer restarts, turn on password in the system section.)

The free upgrade from Win7 to 10 still works. It’s legal, probably not. But Microsoft completely ignores it and allows cars to wake up.

Can you still buy a Win7 license if you don’t have a new one? Yes, but man, it’s hard to make sure you buy it from a trusted place online. Everything seems a bit fraudulent to me. And definitely don’t buy it from an eBay seller. There are some on Amazon that look nice and not too misleading, but be careful. If it’s too good to be true or too cheap to be a proper license, it probably isn’t.

If your system is up to the task and you don’t mind breaking up about $ 70, you can fill out the Harbor IT Services license and payment form and return them. As Bradley points out:

A good Win7 machine should have no problem installing and activating the ESU key. It’s not that healthy … you may need to manually install the missing updates and run the Windows Update troubleshooter to get it in good health.

The first extended security update is expected to arrive next Tuesday, although we don’t have an official announcement yet. Now would be a good time to fill out the form if you want to keep your «authentic» Win7 Pro or Ultimate machine corrected.