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Is it possible to download Netflix movies for FREE or without an account?

Es posible descargar películas de Netflix GRATIS o sin cuenta?

Netflix, the service that offers a catalog of movies and series to watch online in exchange for a monthly payment, implemented a few years ago the option to download many of its movies and series to your mobile phone, tablet or PC, for free, but for as long as long as you have an active account (downloads can no longer be seen if your subscription has expired or you are closing your account). Of course, this has its obvious limitations. For example, thanks to the DRM and .nfv file of movies, you can only see downloads in the Netflix application, on the device you downloaded, you can download up to 100 titles (some titles only certain times a year), downloads «These expires »from time to time (2 to 7 days) and you can only download on the maximum number of devices supported by your plan. The policies will certainly be similar in all streaming services, such as HBO Max or Go, Video Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and even related to music like Spotify.

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Of course, this is far from what it means to be able to «download for free from Netflix», because you need a valid account first. However, there are many programs for Windows such as FlixGrab, Kigo Netflix Downloader or Flixicam, which allow you to download Netflix movies as more friendly files, such as mp4 or mkv, so you can have those movies forever and watch them on any program and device whenever you want. It’s something you could do during the free trial of Netflix, without having to pay any money. These programs have other advantages, such as the ability to download faster from Netflix, to decide by title the quality of the movie and the subtitles you want to use, etc.

The risk of using these types of programs is that, in addition to obviously going against the company’s terms of use, they may suspend the Netflix account you use in these programs, either for a few days or block your account indefinitely. in the most extreme case.

Another disadvantage of these programs is that they are for Windows, so you will only be able to download Netflix movies to your computer. It seems that there are no Android applications of this type, although they are probably not necessary because, on the other hand, for mobile phones there are many free movie applications with the possibility to download movies from Netflix and other platforms. One of the most popular today is Movie Plus. Unlike FlixGrab, in this case we are talking about an application that collects movies on its own and, in addition to being able to watch them streaming or online, it has the option to download those movies to your mobile device.

In conclusion, you must have a working Netflix account to download movies from this service (it doesn’t matter if you’ve canceled your subscription or recurring payment). The only advantage of using this type of program is that once the movies are downloaded, the files will be yours to play wherever you want whenever you want. Sure, it’s illegal or against the Netflix business.

How long does it take to download Netflix (appendix)

Speaking of download speeds, we tested how fast you can download movies from Netflix a long time ago. By downloading a one-hour episode of the Narcos series via WiFi and with a 5 Mbps internet connection, I obtained the following data:

standard quality: 8-10 minutes; Size 227 MB.Superior quality: 15 to 20 minutes; 457 MB in size.

It can be concluded that a high quality takes about twice as long to download as the standard quality. It also takes up more than twice the storage space.

This information can also be useful for those who watch Netflix online (streaming). The amount of data consumed is similar when viewing or downloading content. Obviously, in case of download it will be advisable to use WiFi networks. The Netflix application is configured by default to use only the WiFi connection when downloading. This avoids a high consumption of mobile data.

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