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Is Disney Plus not available in your country? Try this

Is Disney Plus not available in your country?  Try this

If Disney Plus isn’t available in your country, you can’t access it. The service is currently available in the US, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand. Later, in March 2020, several European countries will also see the launch of their local versions of Disney Plus.

Until this happens, if you live outside these countries, Marvel, The Simpsons or Star Wars are not at hand, at least theoretically. We say this because there is also the possibility to access Disney Plus in other regions.

The advantages of using a VPN or a virtual private network, in this case, are undeniable. For the uninitiated, a VPN is software that you can download from the web, which allows you to hide the IP address of your laptop, phone or router.

Then it makes it appear in a completely different location, where Disney Plus is available. In short, today we will show you what to do if Disney Plus does not work in your country.

What can I do when Disney Plus is not available in my area?

1. Choose the perfect VPN option

Before you have the best Disney Plus shows and movies, you’ll need to get a VPN app first. In addition to giving you access to Disney Plus from anywhere in the world, these apps can be used to protect your online privacy and stop any deliberate slowdown.

If the choice you face is very emotional and you literally dream of all those Disney goodies, your instincts and the rush that comes with them may not serve you well. Not sure what to choose?

If fast servers and ease of use are your top priorities, check out this list of the fastest VPN options for Windows 10 that you can use right now.

The encryption tunnel should remain super private, so that its true location is always invisible. To ensure this, it is recommended that you check your IP address on certain IP address lookup sites. We hope you will not stop hiding your truth.

Is your VPN leaking your real location software? Don’t panic, here’s how to fix it.

2. Select a supported location as your home country

You already have your VPN installed. All you have to do next is open the VPN application and then connect with your credentials.


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