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iPhone How to use, enable, and configure AirDrop on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac to share files

iPhone How to use, enable, and configure AirDrop on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac to share files

The technological advances that are taking place today are focused on enabling our quality of life to be better and more efficient. Avoiding as much as possible the use of annoying tools for the transfer of data, documents or files.

In this sense, AirDrop has reached us, one of the most efficient forms of wireless transmission. And then we’ll show you how to use to share files on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac.

The North American company Apple offers to the users of this distinguished brand a new way of transmitting the information.

Which combines Bluetooth and WiFi connection without the need for an internet connection. And this transfer is done directly between devices with iOS or MacOS operating system.

One of the novelties of this type of data transmission is that it uses end-to-end encryption to prevent monitoring or interception of information. So if you want to use this great tool and you don’t know how to do it, we invite you to continue reading and learning how to use, activate, and configure AirDrop on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac.

How to activate and configure AirDrop on iPhone, iPad or iPod

The first step we are going to take activate AirDrop On devices running the iOS operating system, you need to access the «Control Center». To be able to access this section of the device, all you have to do is swipe down on the screen. For other higher-end iOS 12 devices, slide your finger from the left corner diagonally down.

The next step when entering this section is to turn on both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, then you have to hold down the Network Settings option. Thus a menu of options will be displayed and there you will be able to see the option we are requesting AirDrop. You just have to press it and you will be taken to a window where it shows you several options.

With these options you will be able to choose whether or not you want to receive files through this feature, so you will find the «All» option to receive files from any iOS device. «Reception off» or «Contacts only». That way you can send a file via AirDrop.

Steps for activating and setting up AirDrop on your Mac

Ring Macs may also use AirDrop for transferring files in a very simple and fast way. But first you will need to activate this feature and for this you need to perform the following steps which will consist of activating both WiFi and Bluetooth connection. Remember that this step is essential for data transfer.

The next step is to select «Finder» when you open, you need to search among the options displayed in the left panel and there you will find AirDrop. Select it and you will be taken to its window and in it you will see different options. But we will go to «Allow to be visible for» and we will have these options to choose from.

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«Only contacts», «All», «None» once you have made the selection, you will be able to start receiving files via AirDrop. And every time you want to transfer a file to our team, we will receive a message. And we only need to click on the «Accept» option if you want the file or the «Reject» option.

In this simple and fast way, AirDrop is enabled, configured and used to share files on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. And in this way you will be able to do without the use of USB cables to connect to other devices and transfer files.