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iPhone How do I change my iCloud account or Apple ID on my iPhone if I don’t have or don’t remember my password

iPhone How do I change my iCloud account or Apple ID on my iPhone if I don't have or don't remember my password

Since their explosion in popularity decades ago, Apple devices have always been the most innovative and quality products, first overcoming the limits of what a computer could be and then with the telephone revolution, creating an iPhone device which immediately positioned themselves as one of the best products available.

Being a device with all kinds of high-end specifications, both hardware and software, especially their processor and camera, allowing the iPhone to be used as the main device to save personal information thanks to large internal storage capacity.

In particular, given that not only do they have internal storage, but also a certain virtual storage service known as iCloud, which comes with all iPhone devices, offering 5 GB of free storage with the possibility of expanding with Premium plans up to 2 TB depending on where you are.

It’s important to note that iCloud services are not only available for iPhone devices, but for all Apple devices, and you can easily create and set up an iCloud account on my computer, Android, or iPhone to get started. take advantage of the virtual cloud service, which you can set up with multiple devices so you don’t lose your private information.

Although currently 5 GB of storage space is not much space, taking into account the digitized data All factors are found on a daily basis, it is recommended to use this service to keep your information private, so that it is possible to restore an iCloud backup to keep your essential files.

It’s also important to note that there are currently a wide range of storage services that, although not Apple’s official service, are compatible with it. In such a case that you change services, you can delete your iCloud account forever from an Android or PC on avoid possible security breaches or information theft.

Apple devices are becoming more flexible in terms of external tools to complete the device without any problems. However, it is still recommended that you always use the official services. Given this, today we will show you how change an iCloud account or Apple ID on an iPhone if you do not have or do not remember the password for it.

Change your iCloud account or Apple ID if you don’t have a password

You can easily change your iCloud account or Apple ID easily reset account password Depending on the equipment you use, there is one method for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and another for Mac computers.

To reset the password on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you need to access Settings menu> Username> Password and security> Change password to reset password and security authentication on your computer.

In such a case where you cannot make the last choice, enter Settings> Connect to device> iCloud> Forgot your Apple ID or password?and follow the steps below to reset your password in just a few steps.

Reset the Apple password on your computer

First you need to open your browser and enter the following address: to reset your password your Apple ID accountOn the page, simply enter the email you’ve synced with your account and then enter all the information Apple will request in the process.

woman changing iCloud account password

If you’re connected to your Apple ID with a device, a message will change to change the password. If you haven’t started on any device, the process may take a few days, while Apple Support assesses your case and verifies the information you’ve entered into the form.

After completing the verification process, you will receive a call or message with steps to reset your account password. Please note that this is a complex process in which you must send your private information to Apple’s servers, so make sure you enter Apple by secure means.