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iPad Which apps come to the iPad and can be deleted? All mobile devices, whether iPad, iPhone and others, matter …

iPad Which apps come to the iPad and can be deleted?  All mobile devices, whether iPad, iPhone and others, matter ...

All mobile devices, whether iPad, iPhone and others, have applications that we often do not use. Either because they are applications of very little use, which are not relevant or because they simply exist better alternatives than those provided by the default equipment.

What if I told you that you can delete some of these applications to make room for internal storage and install new applications? In the article we will explain this in detail and much more. In fact, once you remove all the apps that can actually be removed, it will be much easier for you to remove the ads and ads that appear on your iPad.

What apps are preinstalled on my iPad?

The first thing to be clarified is that due to the policies and how strict Apple is, it does not accept under any criteria third party application installations from other brands or companies.

Something that happens with all Android phones that have phone apps and others that I have never used. The same goes for games, meaning that all the applications you find on your device will only belong to Apple and will have a specific function that the user can use.

remove applications

As for the list of pre-installed applications, it is a small number, but we will mention some of the most common and most used by the user:

  1. Camera, computer and calendar
  2. Contacts (edit)
  3. iCloud Drive and iMovie
  4. iTunes U
  5. Message, music and notes
  6. Photos
  7. Phone and settings

The rest are complementary applications that exist, but do not meet the goal of being used by the user.

Which can be eliminated?

Now, if you are wondering if you can actually uninstall some of them the applications that the phone brings by default, the answer is yes, but not any application, but some specific ones. In short, you can start deleting those apps that don’t work for you and start updating your iPad’s App Store with new apps.

As for the applications you can delete, there are:

  1. Apple tv

You may be confused or confused when using this application. The main objective of this application is to give you sfull service Apple TV +. It can be used whenever you want to see series, movies, documentaries and others that are part of the original production of this company.

  1. records

Application that has a great resemblance in terms of use and / or operation of Finder on Mac. Most likely, you will end up downloading a new file manager because it is too limited in terms of features.

  1. Shortcuts

Do you really create shortcuts on your device? Avoid installing this application and delete it once and for all.

  1. Bag

Although this is an application that the vast majority do not use, it is very useful for those users who have knowledge about capitalization and the stock market.

  1. Compass

It could be said that this application is only useful to participate, check some data or demonstrate an effect in the academic area. Otherwise, it is not very helpful and it’s just there taking up storage space.

steps to remove applications

There are other applications that you can remove and install a new and improved one if look well in the App Store, some of them are the following:

  1. Calendar
  2. Computer
  3. Home and tips
  4. Contacts (edit)
  5. Facetime
  6. ITunes Store
  7. Books and mail
  8. Maps and measurements
  9. Music and notes
  10. Voice Notes and Podcast
  11. Reminders and weather app

Keep in mind that once you format your iPad, no matter how you do it, these applications will reappear because they are registered in the system and when the phone is formatted at the factory, pre-installed applications are automatically returned. In the same way, you can consult in Apple official page which are each of the applications you can remove and whether you can restore one that has already been removed.

how to remove preinstalled applications

How many apps can my iPad have?

This will depend on the capabilities of your device. For example, if you have a good processor and have at least 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, you can install about 15 or 20 applications. But, of course, this number will depend on the requirements and resources required by the application you want to install.

For example, you can install classic social media applications, Netflix, and a necessary media game, such as PUBG Mobile. If so, most of the device’s resources will be taken up by the game, and no matter how hard you try, it will be difficult for you to install a new application.

Where do I get the best apps for my iPad for free?

The only option you have and the most viable is with the services in the App Store. Now, if your phone has a Jailbreak, you can install an additional app store and search for apps that interest you.