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iOS How to uninstall Spotify on Mac Forever – Tutorial and tips It should be noted that Spotify is a widely used platform for listening …

iOS How to uninstall Spotify on Mac Forever - Tutorial and tips It should be noted that Spotify is a widely used platform for listening ...

It should be noted that Spotify is a widely used platform to listen to all kinds of music and not only that, you can also enjoy audio books and podcasts. But, there are several platforms on which we can listen to music and which become an excellent competition for Spotify. Therefore, if you have already enjoyed this application and you intend to delete it for various reasons how to free up space on your Mac or for other reasons.

Below is all the information on this topic, easy and safe way to uninstall it on your Mac.

What should we keep in mind before uninstalling Spotify from our Mac?

First of all, Spotify is an application that you can use on any device, that you can use the regular version and pay for the Premium version. It is clear that this platform is great utility for listening to music and stress at any time of our day.

Guide to Remove Spotify from Your Mac

But, like any regular application, it can have problems or disadvantages. As a result, what the system has various errors When the application is installed, various messages appear indicating strange failures and not allowing us to enter. It also shows failures when playing a song that is usually annoying.

On the other hand, there are other ways to listen the music completely free from our computer, which may make it more comfortable for some users.

If you want to see where songs downloaded to your computer are saved, you’ll need to move them before deleting the app.

What is the procedure to completely uninstall Spotify on Mac?

If you decide to delete the app to stop using it, the first thing you need to do is cancel your subscription and unsubscribe from the app. Then you need to exit the application to do them, select the «Go» button, then select where it says «Utilities» once here select «Activity Monitor». In this area, select Spotify and click where it says «Exit».

Later enter Mac Finder, where you will need to select the applications folder, in which you will need to select «Spotify». Once here, right-click in the «Spotify» area and click «Move to Trash».

You can also do it in another way entering the App Store and delete it from the Launchpad, this is only possible if you have downloaded the application from this medium.

Then you need to delete several files associated with this application, to do this, press the commands using the Command + Shift + G keyboard. Later a new window will open in which we will enter ~ / Library /. In order to enter the Library folder where you will need to enter the name «Spotify» in each of the commands that you would enter.

tutorial to delete spotify from Mac

Then all the folders that are related to this you will have to put them in the trash. Once you have done this, you will only need to empty your trash.

What can I do if my Mac won’t let me uninstall Spotify?

If when you uninstall you see that the process does not allow you to do so, you will need to examine certain issues. In accordance with the above, it is necessary leave the application before uninstallingThis is to prevent it from running in the background, which will not allow us to carry out the deletion process. That’s why he tries to close it properly first.

In the same way, if we see that when we perform this function we still cannot eliminate it, it is necessary to make a more appropriate option. With the help of another application which is perfect to safely remove any application called iMyMacPoerMyMac uninstaller. It is clear that the first thing we need to do is download this application from the official page of «imymac» when we have it installed on Mac, we need to enter it.

permanently uninstall Spotify from a Mac

Then we can see the status of our Mac, where you can control the performance and the space it takes up. Then you will have to choose the «Uninstall» option which is on the main screen, in this part you should wait for the platform to scan your Mac to find the applications it has. Therefore, we must do this select the ‘Scan’ button‘and just wait for it to end.

When you’re done, you’ll see the app where you need to choose «Spotify» when you go to the section, click the application files you want to delete or giving where it says «Select all» if you want. Then, you need to select the «Clean» button at the bottom, doing so will start the process of removing Spotify and the selected items.

Is it possible to reinstall Spotify on a Mac device after deleting it?

If possible, after deleting all Spotify folders, you need to open «Finder» again from where you will access the applications. In the search menu, type Spotify and drag it to the trash, then return to download and install the app from the options or the App Store.