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Introduction to Android: 12-bit eye-opening analysis to meditate

Introduction to Android: 12-bit eye-opening analysis to meditate

It is the season to look back and look forward.

When it comes to mobile technology, trends mean much more than any event.

This is a notion that we always see reinforced here in Android, and that’s why much of our attention in this little corner of the internub is a broader vision of what is happening with Google. Looking at these broader trends, we can get an idea of ​​how the company’s strategies are changing and what these changes suggest about the future of Android and other mobile technologies.

We have not lacked these aspects to consider in 2019, and some of the trends we have seen in the last 12 months will certainly inform the patterns we will see over the next year.

So, take a few minutes now, in this unusual silence from the beginning of the year, to review these important reviews. These will give you valuable insight into the direction of Android and Google in general and what general topics are sure to dominate the 2020 discussion.

Let’s think about it, shall we?

About updates and the evolutionary status of Android

Why Android updates are absolutely important

If you think Android operating system updates are only relevant to what you see on the surface, don’t think hard enough.

The real story with the new Android security update settings

Android 10 (formerly known as Q) includes an ambitious new system for delivering system updates, but it’s not as black and white as you might think.

Apple, Google and the copycat puzzle

«Android copied the iPhone», «iOS copied Android» and the importance of the mobile technology perspective.

About Google’s ever-expanding hardware ambitions

How Pixel 4 embodies the Google hardware game

With Pixel 4, Google shows us why it started making hardware and shows the kind of value it can offer on its own.

Pixel 4’s puzzling situation

How do you sell people something that is not only intangible, but also difficult to describe?

The most interesting thing that Google did not announce at its 2019 hardware event

It may seem like we’ve seen it all, but the Google Pixel party isn’t over yet.

The secret ingredients that could make a Pixel watch important

Google’s plans for a Pixel watch are still shrouded in mystery, but the company certainly has the pieces to create something exceptional and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see them turn into something tangible in 2020.

About Google’s broader progress

Six smart things to think about when changing Google’s leadership

If you want to process this year’s bomb that Google’s founders are giving up and contemplate what it might mean for the company’s future, these are the topics you need to focus on.

The massive change in Google that you probably didn’t notice

Google is quietly repositioning the foundation of its business, and if you don’t follow it closely, this monumental move could go unnoticed.

About hardware trends across the platform

Motorola’s new Razr gives me hope for the future of folding

Why might the latest foldable Android phone be the one to look at (but not buy).

9 critical questions about Microsoft’s first Android phone

Surface Duo 2020 from Microsoft deserves your attention, but some of the things we don’t know about the device yet may prove to be the most important.

When did smartphone updates become practical downgrades?

From foldable phones to fingerprints to the premature 5G enthusiasm, almost all recent advances in mobile technology have one thing in common and is something that looks set to continue next year.

Saying goodbye to Google services has become an annual tradition, but this year’s farewell seems particularly intense.

Rest assured: the areas presented above are all topics we will talk about much more in the coming months. So think about it, then turn off your beautiful brain and enjoy something better deserved R&R (red wine and rice pudding, obviously). We will pick it up again soon, and this manual will put you in the perfect place for the next phase of our ongoing discussion.