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Internet Tutorials What is the HTTPS protocol and what is it for? How it works and its features

Internet Tutorials What is the HTTPS protocol and what is it for?  How it works and its features

Since its inception, the Internet has been a crucial part of people’s lives because it allows us to be a source of information and communication able to connect everyone. This has allowed many people to communicate with others through a very fast data connection.

Therefore, a way was sought to ensure that the information transmitted is fully reliable. There is https protocol comes into play. In this article we will talk about what it is and what it is used for, in addition to explaining how it works and its most remarkable features.

What is the HTTPS protocol and what is it for?

Hypertext Transfer Secure Protocol or HTTPS protocol is the result HTTP protocol, being its improvement. It is basically a protocol that allows you to establish a reliable connection between a client and a server. This prevents third parties from intercepting the information transmitted in such a way as to keep it secure.

East Secure protocol for hypertext transfer encrypts the data so that there is always a completely secure exchange between the parties. And if they are intercepted by third parties, they will not be able to see any data due to the encryption of the information.

In the same way, for this protocol to work, it is only necessary that the user enter the address in your browser that has this protocol active. Mainly, the browser automatically establishes a connection with the server. This helps a lot in improving the cyber security of a web page.

security of information transmission

In this way, the data is transmitted without the interception of third parties, however this does not fully ensure the veracity of the site visited. The HTTPS protocol only protects information from one point to another, Whether the site is malicious or a scambecause this protocol is available today.

In the same way, we can improve the security of our home connections to have greater protection when we share data on the same Wi-Fi network.

HTTPS protocol features

What mainly characterizes this protocol is the ability to work as secure channel between server and computer, avoiding leakage of information. This benefits sites because it gives them a more trustworthy look when their users enter them. We will also find the following technical features of the HTTPS protocol somewhat interesting:

  • Our information is protected by third parties; If an infiltrator captures data transmitted with the HTTPS protocol, you will not be able to do anything in the same way, because all information will be encrypted.
  • Use text security encryption SSL / TLS what makes the encryption level depends on the server and browser used.
  • You must create on a web server a public key certificate to be able to support HTTPS connections.
  • No additional software required be able to use this transmission channel; it is accepted by all browsers naturally and quickly for a more continuous service.
  • On HTTPS connections no cache is saved of any manipulated data.
  • A web page works with the HTTPS protocol when it is at its beginning address «Https» in addition to a closed padlock that reflects the fact that a secure channel has been created to transmit information.

Limitations or disadvantages of the HTTPS protocol

Believe it or not, not all information it is 100% protected via the HTTPS protocol. Below we will mention some points against this protocol:

Https data transmission protocol

  • Hiring this security service can be high cost, in addition to that day, they continue to increase due to the increase in information traffic.
  • The HTTPS protocol is vulnerable when applied static content, facilitating access to clear text and encryption.
  • The HTTPS protocol cannot be used on virtual hosts because it presents the certificate only for a certain Port / IP combination.

How secure is the HTTPS protocol?

It provides a secure way to send information, but it doesn’t ensures that the applicant website is completely trustworthy. On the other hand, it is possible to unblock pages that do not have this protocol. I hope the information was of interest to you.