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Internet Tutorials How to set up a Tp-Link, Cisco or Zte WiFi router as a repeater on my mobile phone

Internet Tutorials How to set up a Tp-Link, Cisco or Zte WiFi router as a repeater on my mobile phone

The steps to know how to easily insert and configure a router are so short that this time we want to quickly explain how you can configure a Wi-Fi router from either Tp-link, cisco or Zte, no matter what always be the same steps to do and successfully perform this procedure.

Because a router is very important to have at home, in the office, at work, among other places where you are, because it helps you to you have an online internet connection and that it works properly. In addition, we want you to manage and know the essence of what a wifi router is, what it is for and how you can easily configure it at home with your mobile device.

What is a wifi router?

When it comes to routers, we need to know that they are much more common than we often imagine, because today they are present at home, in companies and in internet servers from all over the world, because it helps us to have and have better communication

Many times we want to know or doubt how to know and see who is connected to my router, but first you need to know what this wonderful device is.

Now, we need to consider the difference between a router and a Wi-Fi router. When we talk about a router, it is basically a device dedicated to the task of managing the traffic of information flowing in the computer, now, while a wifi router allows us to access a wireless network.

What is a wifi router used for?

First you need to know what a conventional router is; this equipment is a device that takes care distribute evenly and partly the internet to a computer network.

This is achieved by a cable called ADSL which connects with the service provider; while the WIFI router is responsible for performing the same function as a normal router, but this adds a wireless connection, which is very ideal for devices that access the network without being connected to a cable, with the advantage that the router can allow you to change the password.

Among the main functions of a router are you receive an internet connection which comes from the provider of this service and directs it to the other connected devices; all connected devices have the same speed in the established internet connection, and finally a router allows all devices to connect to each other.

wifi router system

How can I set up my wifi router as a repeater on my mobile phone?

Now that you have the necessary information and know everything about the subject, we will teach you how to configure the WiFi router Tp-link, cisco as a repeater on your mobile phone, providing the information clearly and precisely so that you can achieve from the comfort of your device without the need to contact an expert in the field.

You have access to the router and what you can configure it It is highly recommended because you can remove all the factory settings and thus reduce the chances of them being able to access your connection and thus have access to your Wi-Fi data and password without anyone else knowing.

What you need to do is very simple, you will need to look for the box where your router came from so that you can read the configurations that the device has From the factory, once you have all that information, all you have to do is look in the directions that have the factory data of the router, the address of a link that will allow you to enter the system of the device.

Which means once you’re there, you can rename visibility from the device, you will be able to change the login password and most importantly, you can configure the Wi-Fi router as a repeater on your mobile phone.