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Internet Tutorials How to protect and increase the privacy of my social networks on the Internet

Internet Tutorials How to protect and increase the privacy of my social networks on the Internet

Having social networks today is extremely common and is often necessary for reasons work and family, because this tool has allowed us in recent years to keep in touch with people who are not close to us.

Keeping your information up to date on social networks is often not even intentional, anyone could search and find a person after their photo on Google and that’s why the issue of privacy was very important among their users, from moment what share intimate data Through any network it is completely normal and none of them guarantees us data protection.

What types of risks does my information on social networks present?

As you already know, there are different ways you can feel attacked on your social networks and therefore know all about security measures possible, it is also important to know more about all these invasions and here is a list of the most common:

Identity fraud

Identity theft may be partial, which consists only in appropriating a photograph and using any other name. Use of the account for fraudulent purposes, such as unfinished sales, processing invalid files, etc.

Or there is and complete spoofing, which is when you take the place of the person in question, on any social platform.

Both the name and the photos are used to maintain contact with people from a completely false profile, monopolizing the image of the victim, often to extract confidential information from your frequent contacts, for extortion, fraud, etc.


This concept is well known among the youngest users of platforms such as Facebook, because it is considered nice, the friend who spends it visiting the profile of her ex-boyfriend or the guy who is looking to exhaust the boys he met his best friend .

And, although in this sense the pursuit is something innocent, for the simple pleasure of knowing what the other is doing, what would you think if it were completely foreign the one who spends hours visiting your profiles? You go from one to the other, seeing, recounting places, people, habits, programs, everything to get a full knowledge of your routine and perform a worse act against you. It doesn’t sound so innocent, does it?


Today I would dare to assure you that there is no worse invasion of privacy than a social network hack, because unfortunately, if someone alternates with you, they would have unlimited access to your networks, they would not only be able to have more intimate photosIf not, you can check conversations, locations, and passwords of all kinds.

Recommendations for maintaining or increasing the level of privacy in my social networks

Although we list only 3 of the most common, there are many more types of cyber attacks, equal or more dangerous than what we present as phishing. But don’t worry, there are many ways to do this set walls against these cybercriminals and here are some of the most effective and easiest to execute.

Do not share your personal data

Normally, we like to have a well-customized profile like business card, but you have information such as: your address, mobile phone number, place of work, hours, schools where you studied or even fill in the «My Family» section. Facilitate the work of these criminals when it comes to identifying or locating yourself.

cyber stalker

Do not accept requests from people you do not know

If your popularity rating is based on the number of friends you have on Facebook, rethink whether it’s really worth risking your safety and that of your family to support them. There are many fake profiles, used only to deceive people and to perform all kinds of harassment that you certainly do not want to suffer.

Personalize the privacy of your profile across all your networks.

If you want to go higher in terms of security, keeping your posts and photos visible only to your added friends, it’s a really effective measure, because you’ll be practical invisible to these predators. This can be done from the setup section of Facebook or any network you want to change it to.