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Internet Tutorials How to Find the Best Used Computer Parts – Search Guide To find the best used or new parts, you need to browse …

Internet Tutorials How to Find the Best Used Computer Parts - Search Guide To find the best used or new parts, you need to browse ...

To find the best used or new parts you need to surf the internet. But what is the best way to do this when looking for computer parts? You should know that every page that has a virtual store asks users to specify the published product.

When you find computer parts, you should, read the full features, to know in depth what you buy, an advantage, very important is when you have knowledge about the product.

For example, if you know what a motherboard is and what it is for, then it will be easier for you to buy it, because people who don’t have this information need to trust description of the publication without other options.

A very important piece of advice is just like you time passes, they are smaller. In other words, when you buy a part, make sure that it is not an exaggerated or very large size, because today these components come with a larger capacity in a smaller size.

What should we keep in mind when buying computer parts?

There are a lot of details to consider when buying used parts, the most important is that the product has a short usage timeYou need to know that each component has a «useful life» and this is reduced each time you use it.

When an article is published, check if there is information about when to use it, otherwise you can contact the seller and askThen, it is important to know if the part works for our computer, because because there are parts used, it may have configurations already installed for a particular system.

So before buying it is safer you have all the information on your computer at hand, so turn it on and go to the settings to see the processor and processor specifications, write them down somewhere, and share them with your dealer will let you know if the part is compatible with your data.

What are the best markets for used computer parts?

You have already obtained a guide at the time of purchase, then you must find the best online storeFor this, it is important to take into account the opinion of other people, so although there is a wide variety of pages with product markets, we have brought you the best and most popular recommended by millions of users:


There are a large number of people who go to Amazon to sell products and create a virtual store, these people have a duty publish your products with photos, specifications and prices, in these specifications, they must include whether the component being sold is new or used because it is a mandatory rule of Amazon.

the Amazon online store has delivery

For these details and for the number of users who appreciate it, Amazon has become one of the best markets to buy used parts and the best thing is that you can count on a delivery almost anywhere in the world.

Excess BMI

This store has been in force for over 30 years Gradually gaining reputation, its specialty is the sale of computer components and showed photos of the warehouse, most of its buyers are students, researchers and even scientists.

Then you earn to be among one of the best sites then its special feature is to test the partsThat’s why you shouldn’t worry if your part is in poor condition, if you notice that the publication mentions that the product has not been tested, you can request a test before buying.


It is a very popular site because people who use this service to sell can be very close to your location. In other words, you have the option to filter look for a product by place. There are also auctions and you may be lucky enough to buy an item at a low cost if no one is bidding.

So the special thing about this place is that you can buy your second hand piece from personal contact with the seller, of course, if both parties agree.

Worldwide delivery with online stores

Free market

As the name suggests, it is a web page where you can sell or buy items, because it is a free trade, it is recommended that ask all the questions you need before making any purchase, because the site is not responsible for the condition of the articles.


It is the best place to find second hand pieces because it has components that have even ceased to enter the market years ago, so if you’re looking for a part and it’s hard to find, chances are it’s available from the Dream Hardware inventory.

What is the price of individual computer parts based on?

All used items the price is set by your seller.According to the rules of a virtual store, he could adjust his price. They need to be based on the condition of the product, especially its time of use, then on other features such as brand, presentation condition, and from there calculate a price.

PC with a long period of use

How can I determine if the part is in good working order or not?

Without the part it is difficult to know if it is in good condition or not, because the description and features may be wrong, this happens in stores that are not responsible for the condition of the items, so it is recommended look at the photos and carefully detail the component, then in a phone call, check what the seller says about the features displayed on the page.

If you already have the product, then it’s easy, because the companies that make it offer tools to check them even more if they are pieces of free computers. For example, Intel and its diagnostic tools or Nvidia and its performance testers. Also the main aspect to be determined the time of use is whether a part is in good condition or not.