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Internet Tutorials How to change my IP address on my mobile or PC – Android or Windows IP addresses are so necessary for any connected electronic device …

Internet Tutorials How to change my IP address on my mobile or PC - Android or Windows IP addresses are so necessary for any connected electronic device ...

IP addresses are just as necessary for any electronic device connected to the network, as is a DNI for a person. In many cases, these addresses are encountered restrictions due to political issues in each country. For this and many other reasons, users tend to change their IP address, either on their mobile or on their computer.

There are those who try to access the router to get the IP address and work on it. But it is not necessary, because it exists different ways to find out what the IP address is which has been assigned to your team. So pay close attention, as we’ll explain how to change this address in simple steps.

What happens when I change the IP of my device on my computer?

We must first ask ourselves whether in fact, we managed to change the IP address, because in the end it is an identifier for each device that connects to the internet. Now, when this address is changed, what happens is that the device is assigned a kind of «replacement» and the address is changed.

But in general, you still have your IP address because it cannot be changed. What do both proxies and VPNs do «Borrow» an IP address from another country and another server and assign it to you. When they recognize you, they will do so by that IP address and not by the original one you have. This does not mean that it is not possible to know your real address, because if you can, you only need more knowledge about your computer.


  • Change the IP address involves «anonymous» internet browsing
  • Page and platform restrictions are gone
  • Navigation is safer
  • The connection speed may increase or decrease
  • Servers recognize you by an IP address that is not yours.

How do I find out the IP address of my computer?

Please note that it is not necessary or mandatory to have one installed program on your computer or mobile device to know your IP address. Of course, if this is a problem finding the server’s IP address, you may need to reconsider.

In any case, know our IP address It’s very easy on our computer, whether you have Windows, Linux or Mac, it can be done. Of course, the procedure will vary, as these are not the same environments.

IP address in Windows

The steps to follow are:

  • Press the following on the keyboard combination: Windows + R
  • In the window that appears, type the following: cmd, and then press Enter or OK.
  • Now, in the black window that appears, type the following ipconfig command line, end with Enter
  • When you do, you will see detailed information about what you requested: the IPv4 IP address that you assigned, the subnet mask, the gateway, among others.

how to see the IP address on my laptop

Address on Mac computers

You need to do the following to know your IP address:

  • Go to your operating system preferences and then click Network
  • Now select the Advanced option
  • From there, you will select the TCP / IP option. You will find this in the top menu

To find out what the real address is, all you have to do is see the value to which the IPv4 address was assigned and voila, you know which is your Mac address.

Address on Linux computers

To be free operating system, it is much easier to know this information and for this, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the desktop and from there select the network connection icon
  • You will now choose the button to refer to the network information

Just read carefully and you will find the private IP address that was assigned to your computer. find a public IP address with Linux commands, the steps to follow are just as simple.

I know the IP address in Linux

Why doesn’t the IP address appear on my cell phone?

This is quite rare for this to happen, as there is generally information that is usually available. If this is the case for you, check that the operating system is working properly. If you notice that something is wrong, you will need to reset your phone at the factory to see if you can find the IP address of your mobile phone.

Before you do what we recommend, continue to do the following

  • Turn on the phone and access the system settings
  • Now select About phone (It is among the first options)
  • Then go to Status

In this section you can see information about the Bluetooth address, IMEI and IP address of your device.

Is it possible for my IP address to be changed in another country?

This is only possible if you or you make the change with a particular program, be it VPN or a free or paid proxy. Keep in mind that these programs can be downloaded from their official website (as long as they have one) or you can download browsers that have a free VPN, such as Opera.

But if you think someone can access your computer and change the IP addressThis is not possible unless you grant access to it yourself or have control of your computer through a virus or malware that has hijacked your computer.

steps to find the IP address on my computer

Why does my IP address change on its own and not set?

The reason for this is that it exists two types of IP addresses owned by electronic devices connected to the internet. These addresses are:

  • Static IP address
  • Dynamic IP address

This will depend on the server you are connected to. For example, if you have a computer connected to a business server, these are usually assign static IP addresses to computersWhile mobile devices such as phones, tablets and so on are assigned a dynamic address.

What happens if I change my WIFI IP address?

What will happen when you do this is that anyone who offers you internet services will not be able to recognize you, since then they registered you with an IP address. When you make the change, you will be informed that you are practically another user. So you may have some problems when connecting to the internet.