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Instagram Why I can’t share Instagram stories on Facebook When you can’t share Instagram stories, Facebook proves …

Instagram Why I can't share Instagram stories on Facebook When you can't share Instagram stories, Facebook proves ...

When you can’t share Instagram stories, it’s Facebook it’s an annoying problem. Because it is an option that many people follow in order to have their photos and videos on both platforms.

Instagram has many tools and options, so you need to know how Instagram works completely. One of these tools is to be able to share stories from our Instagram account to your Facebook account. Therefore, let’s see why we can’t share Instagram stories on Facebook and how to activate the option.

How do you share an Instagram story on Facebook correctly?

Because both companies are sisters, because they belong to the same person, these platforms can be tied. Therefore, what you share on Instagram can also be shared directly on Facebook.

Whether it’s a story or a post, both can go from one social network to another, as long as the option is kept active. We will develop how to share Instagram stories on Facebook.

With Android

For Android phones, you must initially enter the application or the Instagram virtual platform. Then you need to click on the profile picture, which is in the circle below. Subsequently, the settings are opened by pressing horizontal stripes at the top.

In this part we will enter the place where you marked the configuration and then we will open the part from invoice. From there we go where it tells us related accounts where some categories will appear. That’s where we look for the word Facebook.

When you tap this option a pop-up box on facebook should appear to enter your account details. In this, you need to log in to Facebook so that both accounts can be connected. Then you can already share posts and stories on the two platforms.

With iPhone

Performing this procedure on iPhone It’s exactly the same, because both procedures work for both companies. You can also activate the option when sharing the story or posting.

In this sense, when a post is created on Instagram, in the last step of posting there are several options. One of them is Share on Facebook so you just have to move the switch to activate the option.

On the story side, too, when you’re done creating an Instagram story, below The Facebook logo appears. Therefore, if we click on this logo, the story is shared in the stories on Facebook.

What do I do if the option to share the story doesn’t appear?

Eventually the application is out of date if the option to share the story does not appear. Therefore, it is best to do a quick update of both Instagram and Facebook.

Later, if it still doesn’t appear, there may be a problem with one of the applications. So uninstalling and downloading the application again is the easiest procedure to try to fix any possible errors.

allows you to share stories on Facebook

Do you have music?

When an Instagram story has music, sometimes it can’t be shared. This is related to con song distribution rights, because sometimes Instagram denies that it is shared without the respective mention of the author. If you don’t know how to put music on Instagram stories, don’t worry, it’s a very simple process.

Is the account private?

On some occasions, Instagram does not allow stories to be shared on Facebook due to account confidentiality. In this sense, if an account is in private mode instead of public, the stories will not be shared on Facebook by other people. Because by placing a private account, the owner of that account gains more confidentiality about his stories and publications.

However, the account owner who uploaded the story can share Instagram stories on Facebook. Even when your own account is in private mode. What you need to do to be able to make the connection is accept the option to share with Facebook. Which is activated when any story or publication is created.

Do you have filters you don’t have on your phone?

At other times, stories cannot be shared due to filter errors. These cases are not so common, but they usually happen when the applications involved are outdated. As is the case when Instagram does not upload published photos, it is best to keep the app in the latest version.

I can't share stories

In addition to updating the application, it is recommended download the same filter that the historian uses. This is to ensure compatibility between the photo and the new publication and to avoid such errors.

How are the stories of others shared?

There is the possibility to share on your social networks the stories that other people upload to their own accounts. However, in these cases you should always consider the privacy of another person and whether they would give us their consent to share their content. Because sharing someone else’s content is often misunderstood when it comes to personal content, such as photos.

On Facebook

Facebook you have no choice to share a story about another person integrated into their platform. However, this process can still be done using useful screenshots.

So when you locate a story from a friend that you want to share, what you can do is take a screenshot The same. This capture is later saved in your device’s storage space where you can share it in your own stories or publications.

On Instagram

In turn, Instagram offers the option to share other people’s stories internal. In this sense, when you look at someone else’s story, you can easily find a share button.

the permissions link we set up facebook

So, initially, you have to get into the story of a certain person or an account that you want to share. Then you have to look at the bottom, right next to the answer box, button that allows sharing. The Instagram platform offers the option to share other stories as messages, so when you click share, a menu opens. In this, several contacts appear, among which the people with whom you have the most contact will stand out.

Next to your photo, the send option appears in blue where you have to press. When a story is sent this way, the contact receives a message with the story published by that account.

Please note that when an account is private, its story can only be sent as a message to all the contacts who follow and the account that uploaded the story. Otherwise, the other way to share someone else’s story is by screenshot. This option is less practical, as photography will not have all the features like music, but it is an easy way to solve this situation.