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Instagram Stories Mark your Instagram stories this way – Quick Guide If you’re an active user of this social network, you’ll know what to use …

Instagram Stories Mark your Instagram stories this way - Quick Guide If you're an active user of this social network, you'll know what to use ...

If you are an active user of this social network, you will know that using Instagram Stories can be a very important resource to consider if you want to make your profile visible, the detail is that the stories last only 24 hours, fortunately you can use the «Highlight» option If you decide that a story is special and you want it to last in your profile, in this article we will tell you how to highlight your stories and watch in detail of the interaction with your audience.

What is the use of marking stories on Instagram?

Mainly because the biggest interaction on the platform is found in stories, statistics say, more than half of users use this feature daily. This completes perfectly if you highlight the content loaded that you consider really important, because when viewers visit your profile, the first thing they will see will be the stories you highlight.

So, if you want to position yourself on the platform, it is essential develop a recommended storytelling strategy and daily stories, taking into account the hours of greatest interaction and trying to upload quality content.

Here are some outstanding story ideas:

  • Say who you are and what activity you promote: Presented stories can be a great resource if you want to introduce yourself, or your company / project, users who come in to browse your profile will have a great impression if you make good use of presented stories as a cover letter.
  • Photos of your products or information about your services: a very common practice is to show the products of your stock, you can also upload videos of your satisfied customers, it also applies to your service.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions: We know that it can be very tiring to always receive the same messages in your DM mailbox, so in this section you can clarify the community’s doubts about your service or product, this practice also shows a high level of commitment to your audience and make conversions easier.
  • Tips: You can too highlight some tips, tricks and tips related to your niche, it’s a great idea to inform, to create interactions to keep your community of followers in line with your profile and content.
  • Link to your page: something very fashionable is to promote web pages through stories that redirect to your link, find out how to put a link in your story on Instagram.

discover the benefits of using the stories presented

How do I bookmark a shared post from another user?

As long as the publication we want to share is from a public profile, we can do it through these simple steps:

  1. At the bottom of the publication in question, you will see an icon very similar to a paper plan, select it
  2. After that, select the «Add publication to your story» option. will also show you the option to send the publication privately to your friends.
  3. After you’ve done the previous step, edit what you want and select publish
  4. In the recently uploaded story, select the «submitted» option next to the sharing option, it should be noted that as long as the account that created the published content remains in public mode and does not delete that publication, your submitted story will continue to favor your profile Endlessly.

It may be helpful for you to learn how to share links in an Instagram message, it may not be of any use to you right now, but when implementing marketing strategies, this can be helpful.

Where can I find statistics tracking for my stories?

To know the statistics of our stories we need to have a company profile, this allows us to see in depth the number of coverage, dropouts, link clicks, the next story, distributions and other technical details that will help us have a better perspective on managing our account, such as knowing how to choose the best program to publish our content.

You can access this functionality by doing the following:

  1. Access the company profile
  2. After that, select the menu on the top right
  3. Go to statistics> stories and then select «View all»
  4. Now choose the feature to analyze and the period.
  5. Ready! With this you already have access to data that will allow you to optimize your profile depending on the needs of your audience.