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Instagram Stories How to put music to photos in my personal or company Instagram stories

Instagram Stories How to put music to photos in my personal or company Instagram stories

In the stories on Instagram there is the whole life of the social network, because if you want to publish images, you publish them on Facebook or Twitter, but the stories are the basis of WhatsApp for your very close environment and Instagram for acquaintances, your followers and friends in generally, that’s why it’s natural to want to decorate them as best you can and so you make a bigger impact with each story.

These are well known for only 24 hours and that when the publisher does not decide to delete it before, how fast a story can go it is worth believing it as well as possible and to create it you can choose between many tools than Instagram is offering you.

Leaving a great image and a great background song will be the best way to personalize your story; because a song reaches the heart and A picture says more than a thousand words.

This is why we will learn how to put music in your personal or company stories on Instagram and tips for using music to your advantage. get more sales in your social media advertising strategy that definitely includes Instagram and, by the way, their stories.

How to add music to stories?

Adding music to your stories is the same in a business account as it is in an individual account, so pay attention to the correct process:

  • Open Instagram (which you previously downloaded from the Play Store)
  • Go to the top left of the home screen, your profile picture and a «+» will appear to add a story.
  • Create your story normally, upload an image, or video record it directly from your Instagram cameraOnce you have it, confirm it to access the story editing menu.
  • A bar with more options will appear at the top of the screen, touch the happy face on a sticker.
  • You will get more options, select «Music» and find the song you want to add to your story.

Keep in mind that although the Instagram music library is one of the largest in the world and probably any song by a renowned singer it will be in a few minutes If it’s released, it’s possible that if the song you’re looking for is unrecognized, it’s not there or it’s hard to find.

Tips to increase the impact of your stories

Adding music is not the only way to increase the impact of your stories, there are many other action options you can take, a survey, uploading a gif, making a live, etc. you didn’t think of that helps you give a better picture in your company or individual account.

Hire an influencer

Using influencers to campaign with you is probably the most important thing you can do, because their specific fans are already following them, being a company that is connected to an influencer from the same line, you will do much better and will not should work hard to get new customers, because the influencer did the work for you.

Control the stories

Sometimes it can seem interesting to upload a lot of content, especially on days when you have a lot to sayHowever, not every day will be like this, and the constant content is better than much content in a day and there is no content in the rest of the month, I will give you an example.

instagram impact stories

Suppose you have content to upload to Instagram all month, data and interesting things, if you share them in one story a day, you will have a maximum of people who see your stories 100% every day, but if you decide to charge 15 a day for two days, you will have many people who do not see more than 2 or 3 stories

In other words, you burned the rest of your content for nothing and you can’t upload it again (because some people have already seen it) and you can’t make the most of it, always remember have a maximum of 3 stories at the same time, No follower will want to be overwhelmed by seeing so much about you or your company, especially if you haven’t had any problems before creating good branding.