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Instagram Instagram: «Images or photos I upload don’t load» What should I do and how can I fix it?

Instagram Instagram: "Images or photos I upload don't load" What should I do and how can I fix it?

Human beings are used to creating routines and one of them has to do with constantly check social networks or instant communication platforms. Not only to see what our friends or contacts have posted in them, but also to upload one or more photos.

And for that we use Instagram, but what happens when we can’t do this task that was so easy to do. And for this very reason we will teach you what to do or how to solve the problem when Don’t upload images or photos that I upload to Instagram.

Instagram is a social network that has evolved enormously and has gone from being a simple application for viewing photos, to being one of the most important communication platforms. In which we can use very practical and versatile functions such as adding or adding music lyrics and songs to Instagram Stories.

So it can be a real misfortune if we try upload a photo or upload an image to Instagram and this process is not performed. Therefore, it is necessary to apply some simple solutions to solve this problem. And this is the purpose of this article, which will explain the causes that cause this failure, as well as the solution.

Why images or photos uploaded to Instagram are not uploaded

Possible causes of the problem that Instagram presents do not want to upload or upload images, it may be due to a problem with the application itself. Your smartphone may also not work or have a problem with your internet connection. But don’t worry, you may be able to fix this flaw without major over time.

The first solution you will apply when this problem occurs consists in forcing the application to close. This is a very simple way to solve the problems in the application installed on our mobile and which can solve this or any other problem. To do this, you need to follow the steps below.

First you need to exit the application and then go to «Settings» of the mobile phone, the next step is to select the «Applications» option. In this window you have to search and click on «Instagram». The last step is to click the «Force close» option, it is important to know that these steps will work in the same way on iPhone or Android devices.

Once this step is done, you will go to the Instagram app and try uploading a photo, which should be loaded without problems when resolving the fault it presented. But if the application continues with the same failure, you can try something else.

Other solutions you can apply if the images do not load or do not load

It seems that the problem is related to the memory capacity of the application which prevents you from uploading images or photos. Therefore, we will try a solution that we have already seen, which works for other applications and it is about deleting data and cache. And to do this on Instagram, you need to follow these simple instructions.

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To get started you need to exit the platform and go to the «Settings» of the mobile phone, when entering its window you need to select the «Applications» section. In the list that will be displayed on the screen, you need to select the Instagram application. In this new window you have to choose the option «Storage and cache».

In the new options that you will find, you will first click on «Clear data» and then you must click on the option «Clear cache». This action will delete data and files that prevent such simple operations such as uploading a photo to Instagram.

If the issue is not yet resolved, you can try to uninstall the application and reinstall it, but you must first make a backup copy. This way you won’t lose your chats, photos, and videos. These are the most commonly used solutions when Instagram does not want to upload or upload photos.