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Instagram How to view Instagram message requests – Android, iPhone and PC Instagram allows us to share pictures, videos, stories and more, in addition to …

Instagram How to view Instagram message requests - Android, iPhone and PC Instagram allows us to share pictures, videos, stories and more, in addition to ...

Instagram allows us to share pictures, videos, stories and more, in addition, it also allows us to send and receive messages from our Instagram contactsThis can be seen in the message requests section «But if we don’t know how to see message requests on our Instagram», in this quick and easy guide we will show you how to do it.

What can I do to manage the direct messages that come to me on Instagram?

To manage and view where the direct messages that reach us on Instagram are, we need to perform a small series of steps that are presented below:

  1. Connect to Instagram from any of your devices.
  2. On the main page, we will click on an arrow at the top right of the screen
  3. From there we can manage and view all direct messages which were sent to our account

Where can I find my Instagram requests?

Requests for Instagram messages can be found in the messages section of its interface, this process varies slightly depending on the Instagram version which we deal with, whether it is mobile devices such as iPhone, Android or the browser version available for computers.

In the Android mobile application

  • First of all, we need to have the Instagram application downloaded on the phone, it is highly recommended to update our Android device, so as not to have problems with the interface and others.
  • Log in to our Instagram account, then tap the message icon at the top of the screen.
  • There we can view our regular chats, on the right side of them is the room section and right next to it we find the message requests we have.

From the site

  • We have to go to the official Instagram page for WEB browsers, we connect by entering our data as usual.
  • We click on the «Direct» button, it is shaped like an arrow and is located at the top right of the interface
  • The messages we normally have are displayed, at the top of our chats, we see a button with blue letters called «requests», when we click on it we are shown these requests

request messages on the Instagram site

Something worth mentioning is that this button or section of message requests will appear only if we have one or more requests, because if we do not have it, nothing will be displayed, this only happens in the Instagram version of WEB browsers.

With an iPhone

This process is done in the same way as on Android devices, since it’s just a matter of entering the messages from the «Direct» icon and seeing the message requests we have, when we touch one of them, we are shown 3 options, which are delete, block and accept, this is discretion what to do with these requests.

Why does my device give me an error when entering message requests?

One of the most common reasons we get an error or can’t view our friend requests is that the person who sent us said they regretted the request and decided to delete it, so we won’t be able to enter as much as we might. , this changes in the version of WEB browsers, because from here it is a little easier to solve this problem.

How can we fix this error with messages received from Instagram?

This error is not usually so common that it occurs because if we have our Instagram updated, it should not happen. For these cases, it is recommended to clear the application cache, keep in mind that this method is only for the Instagram version of mobile devices such as iPhone or Android.

fix Instagram phone errors

If we still can’t see the message request and it marks an error, we can try to recover the messages already deleted from Instagram, another option is to contact the person who sent us this message, this to clarify things and know what it contains The message is already a matter for the other person to accept no. On the other hand, we have the technical support of Instagram it will help us find a prompt solution.