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Instagram How to recover deleted messages from Instagram – Tutorial For those who do not know this application today, you may be interested …

Instagram How to recover deleted messages from Instagram - Tutorial For those who do not know this application today, you may be interested ...

For those unfamiliar with this app today, you may be interested to know how Instagram works. Instagram is a social network used to upload multimedia content. Among them, share photos and videos on our profile or status.

In addition to the above, Instagram has a section called Direct or DM (direct messaging). This will allow you to chat through this social network with other users of the platform.

Where are the private messages from Instagram since the last update?

We’ve already talked about Direct and this one Instagram chat service. But what about those messages that are not saved in this tray and remain hidden?

This happens when someone who does not belong to our friends list, Send us a message. Because if you didn’t know, we can follow an Instagram user without them noticing.

This is because Instagram usually has a special filter to redirect these types of messages. Because, like other social networks like Facebook, these messages appear in a special section.

To access it, you must connect to instagram as we normally do. Then we go to the mailbox icon that is at the top of the application or in our browser. We press or click on it and if there are hidden messages, a blue box or bar. This is at the top of the message list, under the heading Direct.

Here it will be enough to touch it get more details, then we can click «allow» if we want to continue receiving them. Or you can reject all or edit to delete these messages. This will depend on whether we like the content and the sender of the message.

private instagram messages

How do I send direct messages to Instagram from my computer?

In the same way as in the previous title, we have to enter our Instagram account, for this we have to go. Here we will fill you with appropriate data email or phone area and then our password. We must remember that there is also the option to log in or connect with Facebook

We check with our code (if we have active two-step verification).

  1. And after you entered our user, we locate the DM icon at the top right of the browser window.
  2. We click on the message button, that icon of a pencil on a piece of paper.
  3. Then we choose the contact (s) and give the «next» option
  4. We will appear in another window and here we start writing our message.

In this section we can also read the messages we receive from our friends, remember that by pressing the Direct button we can access the conversations already created. This is from the list of messages that we will find on the left side of the screen.

Can I see a live message without the view?

Instagram saves data about our activity, including our status, last login. Besides giving checking the reading of received messages that we need to open up.

restricts the Instagram user

But if you want to avoid this confirmation on the platform, there are several ways to do this.

  1. The first we will check the user who sent us the message on our Instagram account
  2. We enter your profile, searching three corresponding points configuration area. Here we place the restriction option.
  3. Once finished, we return to DM and see this user’s chat in another box or window.

This, of course, will be with the same specifications as a hidden message, ‘allow «or» reject «. Here we can read the message without the need for the other user to know.

Where are Instagram’s temporary messages or «ephemeral mode»?

Maybe this function is a little different from what we are usually used to. Because it’s a mutual conversation will be deleted after people leave the chat.

This function is based on the possibility of having more privacy after completion interaction with other users. Destruction of all information shared in Instagram chats.

  1. From the application, enter your personal username
  2. We headed for the area instant messaging and we will look for the appropriate contact:
  3. we select it and start a direct messaging conversation
  4. Then we click somewhere in the chat and slide our fingers up.
  5. The background color of the chat will automatically change to dark.
  6. That’s it, we’re already in temporary or ephemeral messaging mode

Once we’ve finished the conversation, we can go to the top of the chat and check the button that says «disable temporary mode ‘.

instagram ephemeral mode disappearance mode

This will be all you need to access an ephemeral chat. Remember that once both participants leave this, you will not be able to retrieve the information.

This option can have disadvantages, because it is something new technically. Instagram app Vanish mode has not been activated or ephemeral mode for all its users. Another thing you can do is see the Instagram profile of a person who blocked us.

How can you recover deleted or DM messages from your Instagram account?

We have now reached the area that interested us most throughout the reading, which is retrieve deleted messages on Instagram. And, as stated earlier, deleting messages multiple times is a response to several reasons.

Well, out of contempt for the other user, a selection error or for privacy. It is totally normal to regret it too I want these messages back.

delete posts from Instagram

  • Once we have started our Instagram session, we need to go to the profile area. This with the idea of ​​entering the menu that corresponds to the icon of the three horizontal lines in the upper right area.
  • Here we will search and select «settings» option which we will find in the lower part of our screen. Then we go to security and in the «Data and history» section, we will select «Download data».

This will ask us for the data corresponding to our user (mainly our e-mail). When confirmed, Instagram in a 48 hour interval will send us a backup of our conversations and other data.

That’s it, since then here you can retrieve those messages which we delete on Instagram for various reasons. You can also have two Instagram accounts with the same email for much greater coverage.