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Instagram How to change your Instagram account in person without any problems? Having multiple accounts on social networks is an option that …

Instagram How to change your Instagram account in person without any problems?  Having multiple accounts on social networks is an option that ...

Having more accounts on social networks is an option that more and more people are looking to get. Well, these accounts are used for different purposesfor example, one as a person account and the other for doing business.

In this sense, Instagram allows you to have multiple accounts and even offers the option to have them open at the same time. That’s why you have to learn how to change Instagram accounts. Either from staff to professional or vice versa in order to have a good management of all the functions and features that this platform offers.

What types of accounts exist on Instagram?

On Instagram, you can have two completely different types of accounts. One of them is the commonly used one personal Instagram account. This is the one that everyone uses and that is used to post photos, send and receive messages, view stories and other personal functions.

On the other hand, there is business or Instagram accounts for employees which are intended for companies. In this sense, through these types of accounts, companies and big brands seek to promote their products to find sales and potential customers interested in that brand.

Are there any differences between a professional and a personal Instagram account?

Professional accounts are called business accounts on the Instagram platform. These differ from normal or personal ones in this respect are focused on trade and advertising of medium or small companies. Of course, large companies also have a place in these accounts, but they are less common than the others.

For example, while using normal or personal accounts, people post photos to generate feedback. In business accounts the posts are for advertises and offers products or services. You can also decide whether to show or hide your Instagram location tracking.

What happens when you change a professional Instagram account to a personal one?

What happens is that closes momentarily however, your professional account does not mean that you cannot log in again. Because this option can be done whenever account changes are required.

In this sense, the most notable change is that it goes from publishing products and services to a regular photo and story account. In the same way, there is a change in one account that produces money to a regular social network account.

On what devices can I change my Instagram account?

Switching accounts on the Instagram platform is a cross-platform option because is acceptable on any device. So it can be done on available devices. So there is no distinction if the change is made on a tablet or a phone, because the mobile application allows it

professional account changes

Similarly, on computers it is acceptable to perform this option because comes integrated into the account From the beginning.

How do I change my account professionally in the application?

You can also switch from one Instagram account to another in the mobile application is a cross-platform option. To do this, you must first click on the photo that will take you to your Instagram profile.

In your Instagram profile settings

Once in the account profile, keep tapping the bar that indicates or mark the menu button. This action leads us to observe several tabs or subcategories in which to search the configuration tab.

In the settings there is a part where it should say Change the account type where to enter. Then you’ll see the option called change to a professional account, a button that generates the action that opens an Instagram business account on your phone or other mobile device.

Add an account to your profile

Another way to have another Instagram account is to use the option to add another account. Which can be found in the Instagram account profile in the settings section. We have already mentioned how to get here and you can enter from Instagram or from the mobile application. When you’re there, you need to tap add account.

You must then enter both password as recommended email as a user within the platform. Then another account will be opened simultaneously without the previous one being closed.

change business profile

To switch from one Instagram account to another, all you have to do is do it click on the username. When you do this, the names of the added accounts plus the plus sign are displayed to add another, if necessary. Therefore, you just have to click on that name and the account is changed again.

How do I get back to the previous account I had on Instagram?

The first thing you need to look for is the button that directs us to the Instagram profile and click there on the horizontal bars. This leads to the part of the Instagram account options where you need to enter the settings. Remember that sometimes it can only be with the tool symbol.

In this part you can find the category to activate the Instagram Beta option, which could also be considered another type of account. But where you have to go is in the tab that has the account name. From here there are only two steps to return to a personal account.

In this order, you need to tap to change the account type from the tab that has this name. From there we enter a mini menu where you have to press switch to personal account. There you have to make a confirmation by touching the same button again.

Is there another way to have two Instagram accounts for different purposes?

Right now, there are only the options to have personal and professional accounts on Instagram. So there is no other way to have two accounts within this platform. What you can do is open multiple accounts with the same email on Instagram.

how to change Instagram profile accounts

Similarly, you can sign in from different accounts both professionals and those who serve personalized. They are kept open simultaneously until you close one of them.