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Instagram How do I upload photos and videos from Google Photos to Instagram? | The simple Google Photos tutorial is the safest way to save our images …

Instagram How do I upload photos and videos from Google Photos to Instagram?  |  The simple Google Photos tutorial is the safest way to save our images ...

Google Photos is the safest way to save our personal images and videos, as you can have your files in the cloud and use them later in some social network like Instagram, or you can also transfer photos to your mobile photo gallery from Google Photos.

Also, with this Google photo storage service you can upload them to social networks or chat, for a user it is possible to synchronize WhatsApp videos with Google Photos and also upload them to Instagram, as a story or in your profile

Then for upload images or photo from this application You need to locate the photo and share it with the Instagram app, you need to consider the best time to post on Instagram, because it is a global social network and it is very common for your post not to be seen in the short term.

Why is it helpful to know how to upload photos and videos to Instagram from Google Photos?

As I mentioned, Google Photos is a Google service where you can store your photos and videos sync them with your Google Account email, but this is very useful for uploading Instagram content from this app, as you can watch your post even if you lose or change your mobile phone.

Even if you may have two Instagram accounts with the same email, you can use a single Google photo account to share content In these accounts, even if they are on separate phones, it is very useful to use this Google service, because, of course, in the mobile gallery you could not use this function.

How do I upload a photo or video to Instagram from Google Photos?

All the photos you take with your mobile camera will be available in the Google app Photos automatically, so you don’t need to transfer or send photos from the gallery. I understand that in order to upload the photo to Instagram, you need to do the following:

Find and select the image you want to share in Google Photos

That is, open the application and locate your photo, then press and hold to display the interface options.

Select the «Share» icon and select Instagram

Once all the options are displayed, you will notice among them «Sharing», that when you click on the copper you will see two more options, you have to choose between «Send via Google Photos» or «Share with the app«Of course, in the second option you will see more applications available, you just have to select the Instagram one.

If it doesn’t appear, select «More»

Sometimes, depending on the mobile screen or frequent use of the app, Instagram is not displayed in options, so you should click the «More» icon better known as the 3 points, by doing this you will be able to see all the applications of your mobile phone.

Upload your mobile phone to Google Photos

Select the Instagram option that interests you the most and share

In the window where all the applications are displayed is the one on Instagram, but it is not alone, since you can choose between uploading to Feed, Direct or articles, choose the one you prefer, and the Instagram interface will open to edit or add text or filter, then click on the profile picture and you’re done.

Is it the same procedure to share a video on Instagram from Google Photos?

The answer is yes, if you want share a video on Instagram from Google Photos, you can use the same procedure used when shooting. In other words, select your video and then click «Share», search for the app, and you’re done.

It’s important to know that although the procedure is the same, it will change slightly when you add an effect, text, or sticker to your video, as the Instagram interface adds a few different options as for photos or videos.

Google selfie photo to Instagram story

Is it possible to select multiple photos from Google to post on Instagram?

Of course, when you select some photos you don’t open them, it’s a good idea to hold one in its thumbnail or better known as «Preview» so you can select all the desired files, and share more at the same time.

Can you see the photos posted on Instagram in Google Photos?

To view a file, enter the official Instagram app otherwise, you won’t be able to see a post, you can create a folder in Google Photos, and add every image you post to it to keep track of it.

Also, every time you need to know that you have published, you can check the folder and find out from thereOf course, the simplest and easiest method will always be the official application.