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IMEI code


You’ve probably heard about the IMEI code many times, but … you’re sure What it is and what it is for? Or maybe you read somewhere that you need to know your IMEI number to do some management, but you don’t know.

Well, don’t worry about why you are in the right place and you will solve all your doubts. Ready to know everything about this mobile phone ID?

What exactly is the IMEI code?

IMEI code (International mobile equipment identity) is a unique number that identifies your mobile phoneIn other words, it would be the equivalent of a car’s license plate.

Its structure is very simple. It’s made of 15 figures divided into 4 parts:

  • TAC (first 6 digits): The TAC includes information related to the manufacture of the device, such as its place of manufacture, which is given in the first two digits.
  • FAC (next 2 digits): The seventh and eighth digits make up the FAC, which determines who the mobile phone manufacturer is.
  • SNR (next 6 digits): In this case, we can only tell you that these numbers determine the serial number of the mobile phone, an information that serves to make the IMEI code unique.
  • Verifier code (last digit): In this case, this value only determines whether the process of assigning the IMEI code to the mobile has been completed successfully or not.

imei code

As you can see, IMEI is a code that is given to each mobile phone at the time of manufacture and does not vary by country of origin, so it is a unique value worldwide.

Beyond all its practical uses, which we will tell you later, this number allows them all the networks your mobile connects to know exactly what your device is in question and may have it registered.

How do I know the IMEI of my mobile phone?

It’s clear you were looking for this, right? Well, calm down it is very easy to find out. You have two options:

  1. The first, faster and more infallible, is to resort to * # 06 # and this way you will be able to see the code directly on the screen.
  2. The second is that you look in inside the mobile, on the back or in a package which it contained when you bought it.

Look, this is what happens when you call * # 06 # and see IMEI:

see my code

If these methods did not work for you for any reason, we will tell you how to find the IMEI code in Settings your device on both Android and iPhone:

How to find the IMEI of your mobile on Android

On Android you will need to follow the following tread:

  1. Go to «settings”.
  2. Now go to «System»> «About the phone”. In some models and certain versions of Android, this path may change, you may need to look in the «Phone information»> «Status» section of the settings.
  3. Here you can see the IMEI code among others.

How to check the IMEI of your iPhone

On the iPhone tread are very similar:

  1. See «settings”.
  2. Now go to the «general«>»information”.
  3. Here you will see your IMEI code.

imei code on iPhone

What’s the use of seeing your phone’s IMEI?

The IMEI code has many practical uses beyond being a unique identification number for your mobile phone. In some cases, you have seen that it is a value necessary to be able to make certain important steps. Here are some of the most common:

  • Track your mobile phone via IMEI: If you have lost your cell phone or stolen it, you will know that there are several ways to locate it. One of them is through the IMEI code.
  • Unlock your mobile phone via IMEI: If your mobile phone is connected to an operator and you want to unlock it so you can have it for free, there are several options. For example, by contacting your operator directly, who will ask you if or if the IMEI code will continue.
  • Lock your mobile phone via IMEI: In this case, locking your mobile phone can be very helpful if it has been lost or stolen, even before you start tracking it. This way, you will prevent the usurper from using it, but for this you will need the IMEI code again.

These are just a few examples, though there are endless situations wherein this code will be required to perform the desired operation.

Is it possible to change the IMEI of your mobile phone?

If possible! Although it is not always as easy, because with some models it is very complicated. However, if you want to change the IMEI of your mobile phone, we already let you know: It is not an easy task and you will have to arm yourself patiently.

Our advice? If you want a new IMEI the best thing is that you buy a new cell phone and stop the experiments because they are not easy to perform.

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