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iCloud How to free up space on iPhone without losing files – iCloud Compared to Android phones and their various brands, …

iCloud How to free up space on iPhone without losing files - iCloud Compared to Android phones and their various brands, ...

Compared to Android phones and their various brands, iPhones are not known especially for their storage capacity. While it is true that Apple devices have their advantages, this is a disadvantage that does not go unnoticed.

Due to this, it is necessary on several occasions to free up space on the device, but provided that you do not delete important files from your phone. Could this be possible? The reality is that otherwise there was no way to clear WhatsApp cache on Android and iOS

Can the storage space of an iPhone be expanded?

Both to expand the ability to save internal information and to expand storage in iCloud, it is possible to do so. You just have to know the difference and the process that goes on for each of them types of storage.

In terms of internal storage, you may want to expand it as long as you go with a specialist technician and have all the equipment and components you need to do so. Usually the device is opened and a component that is one way is removed chip that acts as storage. When you remove it and change it for another, its capacity changes and increases depending on the capacity of the same component.

On the other hand, wanting expand iCloud storageSimply choose one of the plans offered by the same platform and pay the amount corresponding to the plan. Keep in mind that if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with an iOS 14 operating system, you can choose any of the available plans.

If you’re interested in following the steps to expand your iCloud account storage, follow these steps:

  1. Access your device settings
  2. Now select your name or the one you have chosen
  3. You’ll go to iCloud and from there to Manage Storage. You can find this option as iCloud storage.
  4. Here you can buy more space according to your needs or you can change plans
  5. Once you have chosen the plan, continue to buy it and complete it following the instructions that will be displayed on the mobile screen.

Why doesn’t deleting photos free up space?

This will depend on where you delete the file. For example, if you clear the Spotify cache to free up space, you’ll have little space available because the rest of the information is still stored on your device. Very different from clearing the cache and application data.

This is what happens when you delete photos from your device. If you do that delete from your iCloud account, the system is still likely to save the same space because the deleted files are still in the trash. So what you should do to resolve this issue is to delete the file permanently so that the file storage space decreases.

So you can have more space without deleting things

As such, the iCloud app gives you 5GB of free storage. In general, this is not enough for the amount of information currently handled by users. For this reason cloud storage services they are becoming more and more popular.

free up space on iPhone

Using the cloud

While it is true that freeing up storage in Android helps a lot, there are many platforms that you can use in iOS in the same way. You just have to check if the application you are going to use is compatible with the phone and the same system allows you to install it.

To better understand, you can choose to store all information on your iPhone in Dropbox or MEGA. Now it’s your job to see if your phone system allows you to install these programs and download them from The official Apple app store.

If there is more space, how can you delete what you are not using?

You have to have access to your iCloud account and remove everything you don’t need. In the same way, you can prevent the app from syncing the data of certain apps so that it doesn’t take up the space you might need in the future. To do this, you need to go to your computer’s storage manager and then turn off all those apps that you don’t want to use iCloud.