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I receive mobile advertising and announcements: causes and solutions

Me sale publicidad y anuncios en el móvil causas y soluciones

I receive ads and commercials on my mobile causes and solutions

Sometimes the user may use their phone and, without prior notice, you receive annoying commercials or advertisements. In this article you will be able to know the causes and solutions of this problem. One of the most common reasons is the presence of malicious software. It can also be the fault of an application that takes advantage of the permissions you gave it when it was installed.

These ads appear as pop-ups or notifications and begin to impede the operation of the mobile. Next, different causes of this type of advertising will be explained as well methods and strategies that will help you remove them from your mobile phone. These vary depending on your operating system, you may also be able to make adjustments to your browser if this is an inconvenience or limit the permissions of an application that you have installed.

Possible causes

The cause of these invasive advertisements is known as «Adware«, Which triggers posters or pop-ups to benefit users. This infiltration of advertising, it may be due to an application or a web that he is abusing the permissions you have granted him. In the worst case, It can also be caused by a virus or malware that has been hosted.

Another problem that this software usually causes is install components that run according to plan, in order to open sponsored web addresses. Which can mean a possible entry into any malware that damages the operating system. Therefore, it is important to act quickly and resolve the issue in a timely manner.

It will be necessary to consider the operating system to solve this problem. It will also be important don’t forget the last app you downloaded before these advertising issues begin, as you may be the cause of this inconvenience.

Procedure on Android

In the Android operating system, creatives may end up on the notification bar or lock screen. This could be caused by an application, if this is your case, the solution will be block the permissions you have granted.

Normal the application that generates those ads will be the most recent one you purchased. With that, you have to try one by one until you find it and uninstall it from your phone. You can start entering mobile phone settings and do the following:

  1. Find the section in «Applications«And enter it. Here you will find a list of all installed applications.Remove ads and ads on Android Step 1
  2. The next step is select the application you suspect to enter and view its information.Remove ads and ads on Android Step 2
  3. At this point, continue to locate the section in «Notifications”.Remove ads and ads on Android Step 3
  4. Finally, you need to enable the «It blocks everything”. This will completely override the appearance of notifications sent by this application.Remove ads and ads on Android Step 4

Currently, there are applications that detect applications that generate invasive ads. As can be the Addons Detector, which monitors that notifications do not contain advertising, since analyze and find the application that sends the ads.

Addons detector

Addons detector

Reset Android to factory mode

In the worst case you can reset the phone. This way, you make sure you clean and turn on the mobile settings from scratch. The instructions vary depending on the version of Android you have installed, but you can quickly access by typing «reinstatement«Or»restore«Looking for device settings.

Procedure on iOS

It is known that IP phones have a secure system, that’s right it is unlikely to be invaded by advertising by a third party application. But if that’s the case, it’s probably due to a web page. To solve this problem, you will need enter the settings and follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the section «Privacy”.Remove ads and ads from iOS Step 1
  2. Now enter the section «advertisement”.Remove ads and announcements from iOS Step 2
  3. Then turn on the «Limit tracking”.Remove ads and announcements from iOS Step 3

This function will be restrict crawling of web pages through cookies. This will allow you to restrict the ads that may appear in your web browser. But if the problem continues, it should find the latest applications you have installed.

In the case of iOS devices it is easy as they can be located on the main screens. If after installing an application you notice an invasive behavior, it should just select the application and delete it.

Reset iOS to factory mode

If none of these options worked, you can perform a factory reset of the phone. To do this, you need to enter the phone settings and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the section «general» And later «Restore”.
  2. Once inside, you need to click on the option «Delete content and settings”. After this process, the iPhone will be dropped from the factory.Remove ads and announcements from iOS by resetting to factory mode 2

Recommendations when using the browser

As mentioned above, advertising may be due a permission you gave to a web page. In this case, you can block notifications «pressed«From the mobile browser. It is important to note that the instructions will depend on the web browser you have installed. Step by step in Google Chrome will be described below:

  1. Open mobile web browser and access Options menu, which is shown as three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Enter «Set”.
  3. Scroll through the various options until you find «Site settings«And locate the section in»Notifications”.
  4. If you have notifications enabled, you can turn them off, though you will no longer receive advertisements on the Internet.
  5. If what you want is no longer receive information from a particular website, go to the «Locks”.
  6. Then select your favorite and two options will be displayed: «Leave«Or»To block”. There you will choose the option you want to apply to the page in question.

Over time These invasive advertisements may contain viruses that damage your phone. It is important to pay attention to the applications you decide to download. Before that, find out about the application, its reputation and functionality. This way, you can avoid wondering why mobile advertising issue.