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Huawei How to find hidden Huawei applications? The whole truth There are errors that can cause an application to be hidden, already …

Huawei How to find hidden Huawei applications?  The whole truth There are errors that can cause an application to be hidden, already ...

There are errors that can make an application hideWhether it’s due to a wrong configuration, a system malfunction, or a virus causing problems, but don’t worry, finding hidden apps is possible on Huawei mobile phones.

Another very common event is that when an application is not used for a long time, according to our Huawei configuration, it is hidden, to keep it in a hibernation state, disabling until its use, this is very frequently when you have activated a energy saving or optimizer.

Is a very useful list to see all Huawei applications, even the hidden ones, you just have to navigate over it so that you can see all the applications that you have installed, used, disabled and even the default ones of the system.

You have to be careful with the default applications, because if you disable them, you can cause an error on our deviceOf course, you can safely buy and use a Huawei, but without deleting or modifying the applications that come with the system, if you do, you may need to contact technical support.

huawei mobile phone with hidden application

How can I see the list of all applications installed on Huawei?

Huawei, like any brand, has its official application, if you know what HiSuite is and what it is for, you will know that from this program you can see all applications on Huawei even if they are hidden or disabled, but if you don’t want to do it from your computer, you can also see the list on your mobile phone. You should only:

Select «Settings»

From the application drawer you can locate the wheel icon and enteror also drag the notification bar to do this, tap the top of the screen and swipe down, you’ll see the wheel icon on the right, click on it, and enter the settings.

Click on «Application»

In the menu settings see «Applications», for Android from Android 10 or later, you have this option twice. Likewise, no matter which version of Android you use on your mobile, it will always be with this name, you only need to click on it once or twice, depending on your version.

Analyze names and icons

When you enter «Apps», you’ll be able to see all the apps installed on your mobile phone, the default ones and those from external sources, hidden and disabled, just scans names and icons to find hidden applications.

enable or disable Huawei applications

What can I do to see if my Huawei has a hidden «spy» app?

Spyware hides its icon. This is they are completely invisible to our eyes, but have a defect. Because these applications can be detected as viruses or harmful applications by modifying the registry data, Huawei phones have «Google Play Protect» to analyze applications and detect threats as well as harmful applications.

Go to the settings and in the «security» option you can find «Google Play Protect», you can run a scan manually, to protect your mobile phone from viruses and hackers, in addition to detecting malicious applications. Because these spyware needs to obtain data or interactions, there are several codes that help us detect if they are spying on us.

Spyware display codes

  1. * # 21 # «Call Forwarding» checks whether call, text, fax, or SMS forwarding is not active, if there is an active forwarding, you may have a spyware installed.
  2. * # 62 # In addition to displaying redirects, it may display the phone number to which our data is being redirected.
  3. * # 002 # Remove all the detours that exist in our Huawei phone.

How do I find all disabled apps on my mobile phone?

Huawei offers the HiSuite program in which you can see all disabled applications, otherwise contact Huawei support. It is also easier to see all the applications from the «Applications» option in settings.

huawei app drawer

What do I do to enable or disable an app on my Huawei mobile?

To activate an application just enter «Applications» and search for it, go to its menu and click «Activate», and voila will stop hiding and will be displayed again.

It is important to know that applications to customize themes from our mobile, better known as Launcher, have the option to change the application drawer. In other words, you can hide the icons of any desired application and vice versa, you can show them again whenever you want.