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HP uses Edgeline for Enterprise inkjet printing

HP uses Edgeline for Enterprise inkjet printing

HP Introduces New Range of Business Printers and Multifunction Printers Using Its New Release high speed inkjet printing system Edgeline .

The new range, consisting of CM8060 and CM8050 color devices, are the first examples of conventional printers and multifunction printers available in Europe using the Edgeline printhead.

Edgeline was announced in October 2006 and uses a revised print head, which is the full width of the printed page, rather than a character head that scans the page in the same way as a dot matrix or a ball print head that operates the golf. This approach not only allows faster inkjet printing, but also improves production quality by reducing the striking effect traditionally associated with high-speed inkjet output.

«We are seeing a clear increase in certain categories of devices among small and medium-sized businesses, as these organizations are under increasing pressure to improve the quality and appearance of all print items that are no longer working,» said Michael. Hoffmann, senior vice president of the HP European Printing and Printing Group.

Until now, Edgeline has only been used in commercial printing equipment, where the quality of production is paramount.

In addition to the Edgeline printhead, the company also announced a new range of inks. The Vivera range of office inks uses a new gluing agent to speed up the drying process, says HP, as it tries to solve the problems associated with color inkjet printing and wet pages in large color runs.

The CM8060 can print up to 60 pages per minute in black and 50 pages per minute in color. The CM8050 is slightly slower at 50 pages per minute in black and 40 in color. HP declined to provide cost-per-page information.

«Edgeline can provide copy speeds, but from a printer that delivers high quality and color results,» said Hoffmann.

Hoffman added that there have been significant growth opportunities for printing technology as a result of the continued digitization of daily consumer and business data, where technologies such as Edgeline will be positioned as a means to achieve speed and maintain production quality. . .

«More and more content in the world is digital and more of the production process involves digital playback. What is happening now is that companies and applications are moving to a web-centric digital environment that will require printing and imaging technologies that can generate this digital content at high speed and without compromising quality. «

Areas of growth in business printing include retail, photography, and marketing in technical settings such as production.