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How to write exponents or powers in Excel

How to write exponents or powers in Excel

Write exponents in Excel it is very useful when we have to represent mathematical formulas. A power is a mathematical operation consisting of two numbers: the base and the exponent. The exponent determines how many times the base must be multiplied by itself. The exponent will be displayed as a supercript to the right of the base. However, a different way is used to play it in Excel. Then you will see how to correctly represent exponents in Excel.

Step by step to represent exponents in Excel

To correctly represent exponents in Excel you can use two equally simple alternatives. By entering a symbol that will indicate that there is a power or using the POWER function.

Entering the exponent with the cursor ^

  • First you need to go to the cell where you want to place the exponent
  • Write the = sign so that Excel interprets that you are entering a formula
  • Then write the number that will be the base and then write the ^ symbol
  • Now you can write the exponent
  • Press the Enter key and Excel will interpret that after this symbol it goes to a number that represents an exponent, so it will directly put the result of the calculation.


2 ^ 6

Entering the exponent with the POWER function

The second option is to use the POWER function, which is already configured in Excel.

To do this, just enter the SIGN =, the word POWER followed by the number that will be the base, a semicolon (;) and the number that will represent the power.


= POWER (3; 2)

Either of these two options will allow you to pick up a number to the exponent you need. Excel is a program with multiple possibilities that, in addition to mathematical operations, allows you to perform other types of tasks, such as performing a bar graph or get the absolute value of a number.

Did you know …

Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi used Microsoft Excel to produce most of his paintings.

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